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This Week’s Meal-Planning Web Roundup

You may have noticed I don’t post articles very often. My story is I’m supposed to be working on other projects, articles and books mostly, so I don’t have time. I’m sticking to that story. But I’ve also been finding all sorts of gems to share with my patients, or incorporate in those articles or books, and it recently dawned on me that I can share them with everyone.

WebGem #1: Use some Costco chicken stock.

In searching for ways to get more bone stock into my patients, so they don’t have to buy collagen or cartilage supplements, I found this website and video. The adorable Vietnamese blogger has a soft, soothing voice just encouraging enough to make me actually try new techniques, like pan roasting giant Asian spices. I was looking for recipes that used bone stock like the kind you can easily buy for cheap at Costco, Kirkland brand chicken broth. In her video, Honeysuckle is making a soup called pho using a brand of bone stocks that looks more gelatinous than what you can buy at Costco so she adds water, but I would recommend you just use Costco’s out of the box without adding water. If you are using your own or a brand that looks as gelatinous as what she uses do add the water. She also adds a whole lot of noodle and very little protein, and I would recommend skipping the noodle and adding more proteins and veggies for a more satisfying and nutritious soup.

Video here:

WebGem #2: Prep ingredients for faster meals.

I go grocery shopping once a week without any sort of planning. I buy ingredients that I know Luke can figure how to use up and hardest work I have to do is to encourage that to happen in the next 7 or so days. If I didn’t have access to Luke’s creativity I’d need to plan out meals. But I’ve never had the patience for structured planning like that and don’t expect my patients to, either.

Enter a new spin on meal planning, called Ingredient Prep! The website is Downshiftology, and the host gets a ton of healthy (except for the rice) ingredients prepped and ready to eat practically on the fly in the video below. It’s a kind planning that avoids the ordeal of sitting down with pen and paper and making lists. Brilliant. The concept is simple: get ingredients you like and make them ready-to-eat so you can assemble them into meals quickly on the day of. It’s a great idea and hopefully solves some problems for anyone who, like me, can’t manage the more complex planning or prefers the greater flexibility you get with ingredient prep compared to the rigidity of full on meal prep.

Video here:

Note: She uses the carrots celery and hummus as a snack, but the habit of snacking is very unhealthy so I would recommend using it as a lunch, or side dish accompanying your dinner.

WebGem #3: Gravy!

In search of another use for that Costco chicken stock I can recommend for my patients, I ran into the Pioneer Woman of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, who created a video around 3 essential sauces that everyone should know how to cook. It’s true, these sauces are essential–even I knew how to cook 2 of the 3 of them because, when I was a kid, thanks to the mac and cheese my mom used to let me make for the family whenever I needed a mac and cheese fix. I had not heard of this Pioneer Woman before and apparently she is now so popular she has put her little Oklahoma town on the food-tourism map. (Does it seem strange that our culture seriously hates cooking but loves people who cook?) Anyway, knowing how to make cheese sauce and gravy just might change your life. Use over chicken, broccoli, string beans and your favorite healthy foods.

Detailed instructions and videos here 

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