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This link takes you to my Shopping List Page, highlighting the healthy food categories (like fruits, nuts, etc), upgraded foods (like nitrite-free meats) and vegetable-oil free products (like mayo)

This link takes you to my Supplements Page, listing the vitamins and minerals I take and/or often recommend.

Let me share why I personally take what I take what I take.

Multivitamin: The brand linked to in the above document is the ONLY multivitamin I can find that has 100% of the RDA of a bunch of vitamins as opposed to 3333% of one and 10% of another. It’s dirt cheap.

Vitamin D: Naturally extracted rather than synthetically derived, in an olive oil base. The RDA for adults is a peazly 400 i.u.which does not get people into the normal range. 2000-4000 per day will likely get your levels between 30 and 50 ng/ml if you don’t get any additional sun.

Zinc Piccolinate: 22 mg to 50mg. Zinc picolinate contains 20% elemental zinc. Therefore 50 mg of zinc picolinate contains 10 mg elemental zinc. The RDA for men and women is 11mg and 8mg respectively, and the upper tolerable limit is 40mg of elemental zinc. Too much gives many people digestive upset. Some research suggests zinc picolinate is the most bioavailable kind of zinc supplement.

Magnesium: Mag Ox is the most compact form of mag you can find. Others claim to be more bioavailable but they’re at best 10 or 20% more bioavailable and roughly 5x the size, which makes them too large to swallow so you have to take several. Not worth the hassle if you ask me. The RDA is roughly 400mg for men and 300 for women.




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  1. A good Multi vitamin is Life Extension Mix Tablets -suggested use is 8 per day. I use about 4.
    Per 360 tab bottle-$58-free shipping-if shipped periodically about $49. Great company.

  2. A good Multi vitamin is Life Extension Mix Tablets -suggested use is 8 per day. I use about 4.
    Per 360 tab bottle-$58-free shipping-if shipped periodically about $49. Great company.

  3. Best Multi vitamin is Life Extension Mix Capsules -suggested use is 8 per day. I use about 4.
    Per 360 cap bottle-$58-free shipping-if shipped periodically about $49. Great company.

  4. Nuts, seeds , andsoy products have polyunsaturated fatty acids. Why are they ok to eat and the vegetable oils not ok?

  5. I think I found one. BodylogicMd Multivite, it has all of the same vitamins as the Mason’s however in greater amounts. I too am disturbed by ingredients like Blue#1, Yellow #6, and Red #40 here is the link to the BodyLogicMd.

  6. Hi Tom, Not sure about TJ, but Bush’s in Michigan carries a brand called “good health Kettle Style Potato Chips” “Olive Oil Sea Salt,” and “Avocado Oil” version, both non gmo. The only ingredients are: potatoes, sea salt, and either olive or avocado oil. Distributed by Good Health Natural Products, LLC, 900 High Street, Hanover, PA 17331. 1 once, or about 20 chips have 16 grams of chars, and 1 g fiber and they’re better than most chips.

  7. Hi Tom, Trader Joe’s is great but yes they use a lot of vegetable oils. But get off the crack of chips and popcorn.

  8. I agree that most of us are magnesium (Mg) deficient. As a supplement you recommend 250 mg/daily of magnesium oxide (MgO). Most of the naturopathic doctors and nutritionists I have spoken with recommend upwards of 500 mg/day of Mg in the form of magnesium citrate (C6H6MgO7). They say that MgO has limited bioavailability and is poorly absorbed. They say that Mg in the form of a citrate is more easily absorbed and you’ll need to take 500 mg/daily in order to get enough Mg. So what’s better 250 mg/day of magnesium oxide (MgO) or up to 500 mg/day of magnesium citrate (C6H6MgO7)?

  9. Would be better if it didnt. However there is no alternative that I’m aware of that provides close to 100% RDA, all others are all over the place. Let me know if you find a better one!

  10. Dr. Cate, the multivitamin you recommend has food dyes and “other” ingredients in it. Do you have any concern about that?

  11. The tongue thing does come and go. Good now. I’ve been giving my pet nutritional yeast – Braggs. I will add it to my diet. Thanks. Judith

  12. Foods Alive Nutritional Yeast, if you’ve not gotten relief (sorry for such long delay)

  13. Would be nice if it didn’t but the dose makes the poison and this is too small a dose. Let me know if you ever find an alternative and I’ll recommend it!

  14. Super small doses, that’s why I don’t advise against. Would be nice if we had better vitamins, agreed. The ‘pure’ ones have odd amounts.

  15. Hi Dr. Cate. I read your book Deep Nutrition and enjoyed it immensely. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. I recently purchased the supplements you recommend on your website and later discovered that the multivitamin includes red, yellow, and blue dye as well as titanium dioxide, polyethylene glycol and other odd fillers. These ingredients seem contrary to the message of your book and I’m wondering if you don’t think these additives are anything to worry about. Thanks for your help.

  16. Dr. Cate, I noticed that the Mason natural multi vitamin has an allergen disclaimer that says “may contain hydrogenated soybean oil.” Does this concern you at all when taking this supplement? Wanted to ask because I’ve started taking it and don’t want it to be harmful.

  17. I am an almost 62 year old woman, in good health. Occasionally my tongue has felt irritated. Almost as if I’d burnt it on something hot. Sometimes one side or the other; sometimes the tip; and sometimes even the roof of my mouth. I’ve been to the dentist for an exam and some dental work since this started about a month ago, and the dentist considers my mouth and tongue healthy. I’ve read that the cause could be a vitamin B12 or C deficiency, or an iron deficiency. I know my iron is good as I give blood regularly, and I’ve just added a general B, and a B12 and C to my supplements. Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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