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Here are the top 10 posts on this website based on site visitor interest. They are calculated based on how many people have visited each page this calendar year.

Which is Healthier, Greek Yogurt or Regular Yogurt?

Many people who didn’t think they like yogurt really like Greek yogurt, because it’s is thicker, creamier and less sour than regular yogurt. But is it as good for you as regular yogurt? The answer may surprise you!

Which Covid Vaccine is Best?

Unrelenting brain fog. Disabling body aches for weeks after the fevers have cleared. Recurring daily headaches that make it hard to concentrate. Vertigo and tinnitus that you’ve never had before. If you’re young, healthy, eat well, and—especially important—have been avoiding vegetable oils, COVID is fairly mild. But when it’s not mild, it can hit hard.

The Hateful Eight: Enemy Fats That Destroy Your Health

Eliminating the eight high-PUFA seed oils that are overabundant in the food supply is the NUMBER ONE best thing you can do to help your immune system beat coronavirus. Here’s why.

Supplements Dr Cate Recommends

Table of Contents Vitamins EVERYONE Needs1) Multivitamin2) Vitamin DMinerals EVERYONE Needs (To counteract soil depletion)3) Magnesium Oxide. 4) Zinc Picolinate, 22 mg- 50mg. 5) Bone Broth – CollagenCOVID RECOVERYMinerals for PEOPLE WHO CANT EAT CHEESE, YOGURT or OTHER DAIRYCalcium Minerals for VEGANS and folks with THYROID diseaseIodineSeleniumVitamins for VEGANS And PEOPLE WITH COMMON DIETARY RESTRICTIONSVitamin…

Should I Take Fish Oil Supplements? Benefits and Harms

Find out what fish oil supplement companies don’t want you to know about the effects of processing on omega-3 fatty acids. Learn how to find the best fish oil.

Shopping List of Healthy Foods (PUFA-free)

Table of Contents Alphabetical List Of All Food CategoriesArtichoke HeartsAvocadosAvocado oilBaby FoodBaconBarbecue SauceBarsGranola BarsProtein BarsBeansBreadBreakfast Heat and Serve/Ready to EatBroth/Bone StockBurrito ShellButterCacao NibsCandied Ginger CandyCauliflower “Rice”CerealCheeseCheese CrispsChicken Stock ChipsChocolate Baking ChipsCoconut OilCoconut FlakesCoconut Almond ButterCoffeeCorn ChipsCorn tortillaCrackersFrom PublixCondiments and Salad ToppingsCookies & DoughCreamCreamer (for coffee)Deli Meat:Dinner Heat and Serve/Ready to EatFlour Tortilla with LardFrostingFrozen YogurtFrozen MealsGheeGinger (Candied)Graham…

PUFA-Project: Scientific References on Seed Oil Toxicity

Table of Contents Mission:Basic PrinciplesThe Excessive Seed Oil HypothesisMechanism: Oxidative StressSeed Oils Make You Crave Carbs, SugarHow Genetics Plays a Role: The Personal PUFA Threshold Concept.Who is Warning Us That Excess PUFA is Toxic?Eric Decker, PhDMartin Grootveld, PhDGerhardt Spiteller, PhDGlen D Lawrence Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Long Island University, Brooklyn, NYThe Body Burns PUFA…

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

One of the unintended consequences of the low-fat era has been to deprive us of the nutrients that support our collagen-rich tissues. Collagen supplementation is therefore not a fad, but rather a way to provide nutrients from this missing food group.

Deep Nutrition Made Simple: START HERE

As a doctor, I’ve discovered that most chronic conditions occur because two thirds of our calories come either toxic seed oils or blood sugar elevating carbohydrates and sweets. These are themain ingredients in junk food. But many products containing these same unhealthy ingredients are disguised as health foods.

Cholesterol: What the American Heart Association is Hiding from You (Part 1)

The American Heart Association has been in the fake news business for decades. This means everything your doctors learned about heart attacks, strokes, LDL and HDL cholesterol, and nutrition is wrong. In fact, the nutrition advice coming from our most trusted institutions couldn’t be better designed to make you sick. This article is the first…

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