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Alphabetical List Of All Food Categories, Including Seed Oil Free Foods

You will notice right away that many of these foods are naturally seed oil-free. However I have found that many people are uncertain about other foods, so I’ve included a lot of ordinary foods that are very healthy.

Artichoke Hearts

Great sliced in salads (with olive oil, garlic, olives and sundried tomatoes)

Buy if sold in olive oil or water and sold in glass jars. Cans are ok too but change the flavor a little. Avoid if sold in any of the 3C or 3S seed oils.


Avocados ripen slowly in the fridge. The California avocados are my favorite and they turn from dark green to darker nearly black when ripe and give slightly when you squeeze them. You can also scoop out the ripe avocado flesh and freeze it. Most guacamole sold in US restaurants is made from frozen avocados and nobody seems to notice.

Avocado oil

Refined has less flavor and is better for high-heat uses like deep frying than unrefined.

Unrefined is more nutritious. Most stores these days carry one of the above options and all brands are good, organic brands are better. 


  • Chosen Foods (Publix and Costco)
  • Kirkland (Costco only)

Artificial sweeteners.

As a rule, I do not recommend replacing natural sugar sources with artificial sweeteners because that perpetuates a sweet tooth and most of these artificial sweeteners cause different sorts of problems. If you feel you cannot go without, the best artificial sweetener at the moment is stevia.

Baby Food

Mail order by Serenity Foods. 

“Our baby food pouches include healthful fats and nutrient-dense foods to support growth and development, without the added sugars, preservatives, or hormones that are too commonly found on shelves.”



Nitrate free (check ingredients, avoid if lists any nitrates or nitrites, like sodium nitrate or potassium nitrite )

Uncured Usually  listed right on the front (“cured” refers to containing nitrates”)


  • Applegate Farms has nitrate-free bacon from animals that did not get antibiotics or weird hormones
  • Applegate Farms (Publix and Costco)
  • Publix Greenwise brand 

Barbecue Sauce

It’s relatively easy to find seed oil-free barbecue sauces, most grocery stores carry multiple brands. has about 30% less sugar than most other brands.


NOTE: There is no guarantee that these bars will remain seed oil-free. As usual, you really need to check the ingredients before buying! And feel free to let me know if you find that the manufacturer has slipped in some seedy oils. For example, I recently had to unlist the Bulletproof bars since they were just too full of highly refined unhealthy oils.

Granola Bars

Protein Bars

  • Primal Kitchen Collagen Bars. These come in 3 flavors and I like all of them. Very chewy, but goes down well with a glass of whole milk, which by the way would make a very good breakfast or light (about 40o calories) lunch. 
  • Kind NUT Bars There are many delicious flavors to choose from.
    • Avoid their other products including protein bars, which have highly processed soy and other proteins, Kind KIDS bars, which are smaller, have less protein and twice as much sugar, and their breakfast bars, which have canola oil.
  • Rx Bars are somewhat high in carbs and sugar from all the dates but otherwise full of excellent ingredients, and folks love them. Available in multiple flavors online and at Publix 


Best to buy dry beans and cook them yourself. Soak overnight to save cook time and activate phytase enzymes. Canned are ok just less nutritious due to extended shelf time and excess heating during the canning that destroys heat-sensitive nutrients.

Brand: Bob’s Red Mill does not irradiate their products.


Sprouted grain is best, it breaks down slowly in the digestive system thus you avoid the fat-building effect of whole wheat flour and other flours. Sourdough bread is also excellent, and the sourer (the more traditional) the better. Bavarian dark bread is often both sprouted and soured. Examples below:

Breakfast Heat and Serve/Ready to Eat

Breakfast Sandwich    in FL Sold at Walmart, Publix

Broth/Bone Stock

Burrito Shell

See listings below under C as Corn Tortilla and under T for Tortilla Shell, Wheat


Best brands are grass fed but all real butter is better than margarine and fake butters.

  • Kerrigold (Irish), Organic Pastures Pasture Butter (in green foil), Anchor (New Zealand)
  • Other real butter brands 

Cacao Nibs

These are dried crumbles of cacao, which is the fruit chocolate is made from. They are unsweetened and go great with coconut flakes. Many brands available from various online retailers. They come as a sweetened with a dusting of organic cane sugar (I love these) and unsweetened

Candied Ginger 

As with all dried fruit, chop fine and don’t use much!

Available in the spice aisle at Publix and by mail order


Smart sweets, stevia-sweetened gummy bears are available online and in a variety of stores

Cauliflower “Rice”

Green Giant, available at Publix in the freezer section has no additives


See Granola, below


Grass fed Dubliner Cheddar is delicious (Costco sells it)

Dutch Edam Cheese (cheap from Costco) 

Cheese Crisps

Parm Crisps: Made from parmesan cheese and various herbs/spices. Available at ABC (DISCOUNT of 40% for employees) Publix and of course online.


“Whisps” A Dorito alternative available in Publix and other grocery store chains: 

Chicken Stock 

Chicken stock made from chicken meat, veggies herbs and spices is flavorful and nutritious. Chicken stock made from all those ingredients PLUS bone and joint material is a kind of bone broth. Bone broth is healing miracle that nobody should try to live without, and, as we explain in our book Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food is a missing food group from the American diet.


More companies are offering potato chips made with olive, avocado or coconut oil. Warning: these are highly delicious and addictive!


Chocolate Baking Chips

Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate Baking Chips, 12 oz

Keep your servings to 1 Tbsp and add to your yogurt with nuts for example, instead of honey and fruit. Or make your own nutty trail mix.

Coconut Oil

Unrefined coconut oil has more flavor than refined coconut oil. If you don’t like the flavor of coconut but want to use it to help you get over a snacking habit, then use refined coconut oil. It will have a lot less flavor and a little bit less nutrition. Most stores these days carry one of the above options and all brands are good, organic brands are better.

Coconut Flakes

Get unsweetened. (Tastes great with Cacao nibs.) Flakes come in varying sizes. Toasted coconut available as well, for an extra flavorful treat. Many brands available but not necessarily at grocery stores. 

  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Simple Truth
  • Great American Spice

Online examples: Let’s do organic 

Coconut Almond Butter

Any brand, here’s an example at Walmart and it’s also sold at Publix

(Recommended by a team member with a sweet tooth, hits the spot on Ezekiel sprouted raisin cinnamon bread)


ALL coffee is good!

For an extra treat, with zero sugar, consider flavored coffees. For example

  • Barissimo Apple Crisp (Available at Aldi’s and Amazon)
  • Barissimo Maple Bacon

Corn Chips

Masa Traditional Corn Chips. They use tallow. They are the bomb. (If you don’t speak ’80s, that means they are so good they blow you away) Use my affiliate link for a 10% discount!

Xochitl White Corn Chips are available online, made with corn and palm olein.

Corn tortilla

Made of Corn Masa, which is better than corn flour 

Make sure the one you buy has no vegetable oil. One six-inch corn tortilla shell has around 15 grams of carbs.

Most grocery stores have Mission or another brand. Publix does carry Mission and some Publix also carry an organic version. You can also order ahead from Target and other large retailers. Before ordering online as always make sure to find the ingredients and make sure there are no vegetable oils. 


  • Mission
  • La Tortilla Factory (my favorite)
  • Old El Paso
  • Guerrera
  • La Banderita
  • Del Campo
  • Tortillaland

Crackers & Crisps

These crackers are selected because they contain no inflammation-promoting, toxic fats. (See also Cheese Crisps)

Condiments and Salad Toppings

  • Apple cider vinegar–all brands are good
  • Balsamic vinegar–all brands are good
  • Horseradish–all brands I’ve seen so far are good
  • Ketchup–see heading below under “Ketchup” for brands that are lowest in sugar
  • Kimchi–often fermented, extremely good for gut health
  • Mustard–all brands I’ve seen so far are good
  • Mayo (see section below under “Mayo”)
  • Pickles–dill pickles are better than sweet pickles
  • Sauerkraut–fermented brands available at Whole Foods Market and health stores, nonfermented brands will still be very healthy
  • Sundried tomatoes (in olive oil) see below

Cookies & Dough


BEST OF THE BEST: Organic Valley Grassmilk Cream, Wallaby, and due to the grass-fed benefits including a lot of brain-building omega-3

NEXT BEST: Organic creams, like Horizon or any store brand that is organic

All other cream brands are still recommended and good!

Creamer (for coffee)

Avoid non-dairy creamers containing Hateful 8 seed oils 

Crispy Fried Onions

A number of brands now use palm oil. You can gauge the best brand because it will have the highest amount of saturated fat. The original French’s Cripsy Fried Onion is the best I’ve seen so far!


Deli Meat

Look for nitrate-free. Nitrates are a cheap way to preserve meat that’s not so great for your kidneys.

A Nitrate Free Brand at many grocery stores is Applegate Farms, almost everything is nitrate-free

Aldi’s carries uncured Black Forest Ham.

Publix Nitrate-Free brand of Deli Meat is Greenwise, not by the deli but by where they sell bacon and regular meats

Boar’s Head products (Publix carries Boar’s Head) that are nitrate-free (according to their customer service person):

  • Simplicity, an all-natural line (best bet from Boar’s Head)
  • Bold Bourbon Ridge Uncured Smoked Ham

As well as any of these

  • Roast beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey except for turkey ham

Some of these may list soy oil or another vegetable oil, that’s likely due either to being an anticaking agent in the spice mix or being browned in the oil before baking. Not ideal but fortunately there’s not a significant amount of veg oil in deli meats, generally speaking.

Dinner Heat and Serve/Ready to Eat

Real Foods stuffed chicken sold in FL at Publix, Walmart

Dinner Rolls

Unless you can find one made with sprouted grain or sourdough, it’s best to substitute with English Muffin (see below)

Dried Fruit (no added sugar or oil)

Dried Blueberries: From MyBerryOrganics, on Amazon

Dried Cherries: From, directly from their website

Dried Cranberries: From Honestly Cranberry, on Amazon and MyBerryOrganics on Amazon

Dried Mulberries: From Berrilys and available on Amazon


English Muffin

Ezekiel to the rescue, again. They make many flavors of sprouted-grain English muffins that stand in perfectly well for dinner rolls. Available in Publix, and many grocery stores nationwide. Look in the Freezer Section.


Simple Mills brand sold at Publix and Whole Foods Market comes in Vanilla and Chocolate and is made from coconut and palm, no toxic oils. The company website has more info including where sold. 

Frozen Yogurt

Yogurtland makes a minimally sugared frozen yogurt that seems to hit the spot–at least for yogurt lovers. Use nuts for the topping or fruit. Most of the calories come from ‘fiber’ which is a slow-digesting carbohydrate, and therefore better than flour and most other desserts.

Frozen Meals

See listings for Breakfast Heat and Serve and Dinner Heat and Serve, above


Ghee is also known as “clarified” butter. You can think of it as refined butter because just as with the refined oils the elements that add some of the distinctive flavors have been removed, along with some of the nutrition. Ghee was invented in tropical India when they had no refrigeration and butter would go bad if not clarified. I don’t recommend ghee unless you need it to achieve certain flavors or have a problem with dairy protein because it’s simply less nutritious than butter. 

Ghee does have a higher smoke point than butter, and so can be more easily used for extended high heat cooking applications like stir-frying. With that in mind, you should know that you can use butter plus another oil for stir fry with fantastically flavorful results. (See Stir Fry section in Fast Meal Ideas)

Ginger (Candied)

Many companies make this my favorite is NOW

Graham Crackers

Pamela’s Honey Grahams (they have no nasty oils but do have quite a bit of sugar) Available at Publix


Purely Elizabeth brand made with coconut oil and a bunch of nutritious grains. Granola is high in carbs so it’s better used as a topping on yogurt than eaten by the bowl if you’re diabetic/prediabetic or doing low carb.

An alternative to granola to consider is muesli, since it’s normally made without oil but has many of the other qualities of yogurt. Example of a good brand of muesli is Michelle’s. However her granola uses sunflower oil so I’d avoid that.

Hemp Hearts

Makes an excellent topping for yogurt and chia pudding, instead of granola

Example here 

Hot Dogs

Grass-fed is best, nitrate-free all-natural are next best.

All-natural nitrate-free brand: Applegate Farms example of how to buy/order ahead and pick up in-store from Target


Look for hummus made with OLIVE oil

Example: Publix Deli Hummus

Ice Cream

Breyers makes a Carb Smart line in multiple flavors available at Walmart, Publix and more

Publix sells a low carb Rebel Ice Cream made with real cream in a variety of wild flavors

See also Pickle Popsicles below

Jam and Jelly

Look for fruit spreads with 7 grams of sugar or fewer per Tbsp

Smuckers makes a low sugar line available at Publix: 

AVOID the Smuckers NO SUGAR line, which has Splenda and Splenda is regular sugar with chlorine molecules attached and causes colon polyps.

Crofters make an organic premium line available at Publix 


Minute maid makes a variety of juices with zero or minimal sugar


  • Aldi’s Ketchup
  • Trader Joe’s Ketchup
  • Heinz Ketchup
  • Publix Organic Ketchup

Liverwurst and Braunschweiger

Any brand of liverwurst is super healthy so get whatever you can find!  Braunschweiger is a mix of beef meat and beef liver, and is actually good (does not taste at all livery. The healthiest of both will be from grass-fed animals


TIP: If you like miracle whip, add your own paprika to plain mayo.   


The best quality milk available from standard stores is going to say Grass-Fed or Pasture Raised, and Organic Valley and Wallaby are examples. 

  • Horizon also makes an organic brand
  • My personal choice is raw milk (and raw cream) that I get from local farms. It’s a pain in the neck to hunt down and costs an arm and a leg, but I prefer it due to its superior flavor and nutritional value.

Shelf-stable milk is a great accompaniment to food bars for anyone who needs to eat from their car.

  • Best Quality: Maple Hill 100% Grass-Fed Shelf, Stable, Single Serve
  • Runner up: Organic Valley makes organic, shelf-stable, single-serve cartons
  • Borden is the less expensive option (because it’s not organic)


Baking Mix: Simple Mills is available at Publix and other grocery stores. They make a variety of muffin mixes where all you do is add eggs water and a healthy oil (or even better, melted butter). The company website shows the flavors and more info:


Mustard is a great condiment, you can buy pretty much any brand and it will be good. Mustard don’t have bad oils, and most brands don’t add much if any extra sugar. Mustard has turmeric, which is good for your joints.

Natural Flavor

Bakto offers a huge variety of natural extracts

Neutral Oil

Zero Acre Farms cultured algae oil. Yes its weird sounding but has the best oxidation profile of any refined oil. Use this link to save $5 

Nutritional Yeast

Alive Foods is the best brand, no artificial B vitamins are added (most brands add them)

Nuts and Seeds


Blue Diamond Almonds Whole Natural (Available at Publix)


Planters brand available at Publix

Macadamia Nuts

Mauna Loa Dry Roasted Mac Nuts with Sea Salt (or any brand without vegetable oil)

Pistachio Nuts

Wonderful Brand salted roasted and de-shelled (or any brand, but these are super tasty) 

Pumpkin Seeds, Sprouted

Harvested For You, Go Raw, and Alive Foods are popular brands 

Harvested For You are the tastiest in my opinion 

Mixed Nuts

Planters brand available at Publix

Olive Oil

Grades of Quality

The best olive oil is first cold-pressed unrefined. The next best is extra virgin unrefined. The other grades are all more highly refined. Avoid light olive oil, which is the lowest grade fit for human consumption. 

Unrefined olive oil has more flavor than refined. If you don’t like the flavor of olive but want to use it for higher heat, massive quantity applications, like deep frying, then use the refined olive oil. It will have a little bit less flavor and nutrition. Most stores these days carry one of the above options and all brands are good, organic brands are better.

Filtered versus Unfiltered

Not to be confused with refining, the highest grades of olive oil can be purchased filtered or unfiltered. Filtered olive oil may have a cloudy appearance due to olive particles being suspended in the oil. Some people feel that unfiltered olive oil has a better taste. But filtered and unfiltered oil have the same health benefits. There is one major difference between filtered and unfiltered olive oil and that is shelf life.

The olive particles in unfiltered olive oil will continue to ferment in the bottle. The sediment on the bottom of the bottle will accelerate the oxidation of the olive oil once the container has been opened.  Filtering helps maintain stability and preserve the healthy qualities of your olive oil.

If you buy unfiltered olive oil, look for the freshest bottles available (look for best by date rather than a harvest date) and use the bottle quickly after opening. Like all olive oils, protect it from heat and oxygen and make sure the cap is tightly sealed between uses.



You don’t need to avoid pasta if you keep your portions under control. So like 1/2 cup of cooked pasta is a good limit for women and 1 cup for men, unless you’re someone who works out 1.5 or more hours a day on a regular basis.

Explore Cuisine makes bean-based pastas that are high in protein and fiber and lower in carbs so less likely to raise blood sugar or insulin. I have tried the black bean spaghetti and can tell you it is coarser than regular spaghetti and the water you boil it in gets black and the color of the pasta is blackish-grey but the taste is neutral and it works nicely to absorb sauces. 

The edamame spiral pasta is also a good stand-in for real pasta

Simply Nature brand is the same idea, sold at Aldi’s and online

Low Carb Pasta

Trader Joes Heart of Palm Pasta gets rave reviews from my patients

Pasta Sauce

(see Spaghetti Sauce, below)

Peanut Butter and Nut Butters

Creamy and Crunchy, same rules apply: No added sugar or toxic oils. These brands are best:

PUBLIX GREENWISE: Crunch and Creamy available, no sugar or extra oils added.

Best:  fresh ground peanut butter, example 

Simply Nature 

Organic, all-natural at Aldi’s

Smuckers makes an organic, all natural peanut butter under $4 at Publix (and online retailers) In creamy or crunchy (it has a layer of oil on top that you need to stir in, see no stir below if you don’t like that)  

SKIPPY Brand NO STIR NATURAL Peanut Butter (no oil on top)   Aisle 7 Publix

Maranatha Organic No Stir Peanut Butter is available at many health food stores, and online including shipments via Walmart 

Jif makes an all natural peanut butter without hydrogenated or vegetable oils, just palm oil which is an “ok” oil available at target and elsewhere, example 

PUFF Pastry

If you can make *fancy* things like Danish, and pot pies, please get the good stuff, made with butter!

Nut butters

Nuttzo makes nut/seed spreads in several interesting flavors. You can find them online or in publix . “Google Nuttzo seven nut and seed spread” for purchasing options and flavors as well as texture, comes in smooth and chunky. The nuts and seeds cost more than peanuts, so this costs about twice as much or more as peanut butter 

Maranatha Organic Almond butters come in raw, roasted, crunchy and creamy. Available online and at many Publix in aisle 8. 

Peanut Oil

Costco and Wynn Dixie have the best prices in FL (to my knowledge)

Unrefined peanut oil has more flavor than refined. If you don’t like the flavor of peanut but want to use it for higher heat applications than olive or butter, like deep frying, then use refined peanut oil. It will have a little bit less flavor and nutrition. Most stores these days carry one of the above options and all brands are good, organic brands are better.


Olive oil-based pesto sauces go great with many types of meat and veggies. Make sure the brand you get contains ONLY olive oil and no other oils. Alessi brand products currently use olive oil and are available at PUBLIX and Walmart.


Dill pickles are all very healthy, so all brands are good. The best kind of dill pickles are fermented, not pickled, meaning the bacteria in the brine create their own preserving acids. They cost more than pickles that are pickled in vinegar. The most common brand of fermented whole dill pickles is:

Bubbies, which is available at Publix, Whole Foods, and most health food stores. 

Trader Joe’s and Aldi’s sell fermented pickles as well, which often say real pickles or you might have to look for the most expensive ones and check the ingredients to make sure there is no vinegar.

Pickle Popsicles

Pickle juice is high in vinegar and electrolytes, sold unfrozen and you stick in your freezer. Most brands have artificial colors but are otherwise pretty healthy due to being sugar and veg oil-free.  

Pickled Veggies 

Pickled veggies just might be the secret to your success. Slice them up and add to salad, sandwiches or omelets, or snack on them after dinner when you want something crunchy.

Mezzetta, Mt Olive and Vigo brands at Publix (located in Aisle 6)

Pizza Crust

Cauliflower pizza crust, at Publix


Orville Redenbacher’s Naturals Light Classic Butter & Sea Salt Microwave Popcorn (palm oil and real butter, no seed oils)

Lesser Evil has many options this is just one example

Pork Rinds

4505 Brand. These are a favorite due to at least claiming to be humanely raised 

Epic brand also claims to be sourcing from better quality animal farms 

Publix carries the following brands that are free of toxic oils: 

  • Ricos
  • Utz

Protein bars (see Bars, above)


See cauliflower “rice,” above

Salad Dressing

Primal Kitchens uses avocado oil. Many flavor varieties and available in Walmart, Publix, and online. uses olive oil. Many flavor varieties are available ONLINE and in select stores. Sold in INDIVIDUAL packets for travelers as well as bigger bottles for home use.

Ranch Dressing Made easy with Hidden Valley ranch dressing mix: Use the SIR KENSINGTON MAYO instead of regular mayo 


Green salsa rarely has added sugar, Publix sells Mr. Renfros and a number of other brands. Hot, not hot, whatever you like. Example:

Red salsa more often has added sugar. 

Mrs. Renfros does not. Example:

Sandwich Meat

See heading called Deli Meat above


As with pickles, sauerkraut are a healthy appetizer/fast vegetable for on the road. And as with pickles, naturally fermented sauerkraut is healthier than sauerkraut pickled in vinegar for the same reasons as pickles are healthier when fermented than when pickled in vinegar (see above). 

Bubbies brand is available at Whole Foods Market and most health food stores. Trader Joes often has one or more fermented sauerkrauts as well.


(Remember ingredients are always changing so always read ingredients!)

Snack Foods

Search for these in the list above. You can use your browser’s find feature. (Not healthy enough to live off of or eat for breakfast lunch and dinner.)

  • Bars (granola bars and protein bars);
  • cacao nibs, sweetened (add to homemade trail mix)
  • candied ginger (add to homemade trail mix)
  • Candy
  • Cheese Crisps
  • Chips, potato
  • Chocolate baking chips
  • corn chips
  • crackers
  • cookies and dough
  • graham crackers
  • muffins
  • pumpkin seeds
  • pickle popsicles
  • pork rinds
  • soda (substitutes)
  • water flavor drops


(see pasta, above)

Spaghetti sauce


The beverages I’d recommend to satisfy the craving for bubbly cool refreshments are: 

  • Drink Sound  Looks to be committed to label transparency. Delineates exactly which flavor, no use of the term “Natural Flavor” and no sweeteners. 
  • Kombucha, the original soda. Naturally fermented with a touch of alcohol in some brands.
  • OFF THE LIST La Croix flavored sparkling water. Their “natural flavors” includes a potentially mind-altering chemical called linalool. Read  more about it here
  • Any sparkling water with zero calories and clearly disclosed ingredients. 

Soy Sauce

Kikkoman and Yamase, the original, not the low sodium version. These are naturally brewed and have a milder flavor and are healthier than the Bragg’s aminos and other hydrolyzed soy sauces. You can order from both Target or Walmart and can often find at Costcos.

Sunflower Seeds

Harvested for You are the tastiest brand in my opinion


Sweetleaf brand has less aftertaste 

For a deeper dive into brands of stevia that are purely made, without other sweeteners that may have unwanted effects, I refer you to the closest-to-homemade through article on the topic.

Sundried Tomato 

IN OLIVE OIL or dehydrated in no oil or water etc. Popular for use in SALADS and quick sauces for chicken or fish

Publix sells Bellino brand in aisle 2

Sweet Bell Peppers

Slice up into salad or steam with broccoli

Publix Sells with produce

Taco Shells

Siete brand Taco shells available at Walmart, Amazon and many online. Not exactly corn flavored but definitely seed oil free. Here are the ingredients: Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Pumpkin Seed Meal, Pumpkin Powder, Sea Salt, Psyllium Husk Powder.

Tortilla Chips

Siete brand cassava chips available at Amazon, Costco (I recommend this brand because they use Avocado oil, not because they’re ‘grain free’)

Tortilla Shell

Traditional flour tortilla made with olive oil (for burritos quesadillas) from La Tortilla Factory

Even more traditional flour tortilla made with lard shipped from 

Made with sourdough and olive oil from Paz Sourdough Tortillas

Corn (see listing above under the Cs for Corn Tortilla)

Tuna (Canned)

Make sure it’s in water or olive oil, not any of the Hateful8 seed oils


I recommend finding products flavored with natural fruit and herb essences. Right now the only ones I can find are listed here. No doubt, more are likely on the way. 

The following are zero calorie beverages with no added sugar and no artificial sweeteners.

BEST: Flavored Sparkling Water

Brand: Sound 

Cost about $30 twelve-ounce cans 

BEST: Flavored Still Water

Brand: Hint: 

Cost $17-21 dollars per case of 12 sixteen-ounce bottles. 

These contain sweeteners, artificial flavors, and glycerine, making them less ideal but still better than soda, juice, and not drinking enough water.

Flavor Drops

Brand: Sweetleaf 

Flavored stevia drops that you add to sparkling or still water 

Cost about $2.40 for a bottle that makes 48 eight-ounce servings.

Do-It-Yourself Flavored Water



1 cup fruit such as citrus or berries

2 sprigs of herbs such as thyme or mint

8 cups water


Combine all ingredients together in a pitcher. Muddle to release the juices or leave the fruit to float.

Delightful Combinations: 

  • Lemon, Lime, and Orange
  • Raspberry and Lime
  • Pineapple and Mint
  • Lemon and Cucumber
  • Blackberry and Sage
  • Watermelon and Rosemary
  • Mango and Blueberries
  • Orange and Vanilla
  • Strawberry and Basil
  • Cherry and Lime
  • Blackberry and Ginger
  • Peach and Vanilla Bean
  • Honeydew and Lime
  • Pineapple, Raspberry, and Mint
  • Peach, Lemon, and Thyme

Whipped Cream

Make yourself from scratch from heavy cream or 

buy in an aerosol get the NO SUGAR cans

AVOID COOL WHIP it’s not made with cream or anything natural. It’s made of hydrogenated vegetable oil, very bad fats


Publix sells Cheese wraps (Cheddar and Parmesan) 


BEST: buy plain and be aware that vanilla is not plain.

Get plain whole milk, Greek or regular. If you can’t find whole milk be sure to add some good fats. 

Greek versus Regular: Greek is more mellow than regular, it has less acid and more protein. Regular has more minerals and probiotics and the acid enhances your digestive health. 

Do not buy MOST flavored yogurts, see exception below

Best tasting regular yogurts: 

Stonyfield Cream Top Grass Milk. Other good yogurts: Horizon and Organic Valley. Any plain, whole milk yogurt is going to be good for you.

Best Greek Yogurt. Any organic brand. If you can’t afford organic, any unflavored yogurt will be good for you.

Lowest Carb Yogurt: YQ by yoplait. 

Best flavored yogurt: Two Good Yogurt 2G sugar, available at Publix and elsewhere (80 calories BUT not enough fat to help you lower your blood sugar, so I would buy this and then add a dollop of whipped cream or tbsp sour cream)

Snack Foods

Not that I recommend snacks, but here’s the list of foods to search for in the list above (or use your browser’s find feature):

Bars (granola bars and protein bars); Sweetened cacao nibs (add to homemade trail mix); candied ginger (add to homemade trail mix); Candy; Cheese Crisps; Chips; Chocolate baking chips; corn chips; crackers; cookies and dough; graham crackers; muffins; pumpkin seeds, sprouted; pickle popsicles; pork rinds; soda (substitutes); water flavor drops.

Short Cuts

These pre-prepared all-natural ingredients can help you to get meals together in much less time. When you go out to eat at most chain restaurants, keep in mind most are taking these shortcuts anyway.

Precooked Meats

You can buy ready-to-eat meats that are already grilled, baked, or boiled at a variety of stores. More stores sell chicken than anything else, then ham, then turkey, and the least often available is pre-cooked roast beef. You can add these meats to salads, vegetable casseroles, rice and beans, and soft corn tortillas. The flavor is not going to be as good as if you made it yourself, so be sure to add something flavorful that you do like, such as cheese, barbeque sauce, salsa, garlic salt, stir fry sauce, ketchup, Tobasco or any herbs and spices you like.


Hollandaise Mix, Knorr: Great on steamed veggies, chicken, eggs, and fish

There is a tiny bit of canola in this mix but you’ll be adding plenty of healthy fats from butter and milk so all the good fat makes it worth the little bit of bad.

Sliced Vegetables

You can find a wide variety of sliced vegetables and even riced cauliflower these days. Most stores carry these near where they sell the tubs of salad greens. Common pre-sliced fresh vegetables are carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, onions, and mushrooms, and there are bags that contain combinations that work great for stir-fries and for casseroles. 

They don’t keep as long as whole veggies so use within a few days. Also be sure to cook them as opposed to eating them raw, as the extra handling can increase the risk of germs that you will kill if you cook them adequately. 

Frozen vegetables

Frozen peas, green beans, lima and string beans, spinach and other veggies are generally already cooked and you can simply warm them up in a pot with butter and salt, or add to a pot of hot chicken stock along with meat for a quick drop in soup (see Fast Easy Meals, below)

  • Specific Shortcuts
  • Chicken: Rotisserie
  • Veggies: Creamed Spinach, Green Giant Steamers

Ready to Eat (or almost)

Starkist Tuna Creations

Just tuna, broths and spices. Variety pak available. Sold at Publix, online and elsewhere.

All you need is a spoon! Or add to cottage cheese, lettuce, Ezekiel toast, or crackers 

Just Crack an Egg

They provide the bowl, veggies and other mostly natural ingredients, you provide the egg. Cooks in the microwave Sold at Winn Dixie

Foods by Store

These products are selected for superior quality and best price:


Avocado oil

Kirkland brand 


If you like cheese, it’s probably worth being a Costco member just for the cheese especially since most unopened packages of cheese will keep for months. Costco has had the prices for high-quality cheeses that can cost 2-3 times as much elsewhere. For example:

Dubliner Irish Cheddar, roughly 2-pound block

Cave Aged Comte, roughly 1 pound block

Parmesan and Pecorino Romano, roughly 1 pound wedges

Manchego (sheep cheese, very mild and nutty), roughly 1-2 pound wedges
French Sheep Cheese Petit Basque, Comes in 1.2 lb. size round.

Totally delicious and goes amazingly well sliced to ? inch and wrapped with deli sliced turkey meat or Costco’s Prosciutto di Parma  ( ) and microwaved for about 10 seconds per ounce to slightly melt. 

Chicken Stock

Kirkland Signature Organic Chicken Stock:

Deli Meats

Costco is the best source for organic and nitrate-free deli meats in Florida, better quality than the Boar’s head carried at Publix

Kirkland Signature Oven Roasted Turkey Breast Browned in Vegetable Oil (browned in vegetable oil–sadly, but still I recommend because the meat itself is less processed than most other brands)

Kirkland Signature Sliced Roast Beef

Publix Greenwise deli meat is all nitrate free! In the regular line, their poultry is nitrate-free except turkey ham


Avocado oil mayo brands that Costco carries include Primal Kitchen, Chosen Foods, and Sir Kensington

Olive oil

Kirkland brand Olive oils are generally the best deals and are excellent quality

Both the kind in the 1 Liter glass jar (Toscano)

And the organic and not organic kinds in the 2 Liter plastic jar 

Precooked Meat

Costco carries a number of precooked products that with a little creativity or instructions from my soon-to-be-available recipe book can be used to rapidly assemble healthy meals. The following are a great deal for 2-3 (or more) pounds of tasty ready-to-eat meat. You just have to slice it.

Kirkland Turkey Breast, Oven Browned (Sold near the deli meat, in the open refrigerators)

Kirkland Signature Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked Boneless Ham Steaks (Sold near the deli meat, in the open refrigerators)

Nature Raised Farms Gluten Free Grilled Chicken Breast Strips (Sold in the freezer section)



Ezekiel sprouted grain bread in Freezer Aisle (near gluten free products at Publix) check your local store here:

Aldi’s and Trader Joes sell a supposedly sprouted grain bread that also contains flour and sweeteners, and  is cheaper than Ezekiel but at least in the one T2DM patient of mine who did an experiment with her CGM it shot her blood sugar up like regular bread, and Ezekiel brand did not

Deli Meat 

Certain Boar’s Head products, see Deli meat listing above for details

Dessert Spreads

Butter Nation: peanut, brown sugar, cinnamon (not at every store)

Peanut butter honey 

Healthy Nut butter spreads

Peanut butter, fresh ground. Publix Deli sells a fresh ground peanut butter with peanuts as the sole ingredient 

Nuttzo, Nut and seed 

Super healthy, no peanuts: hazelnut+cashews+almonds+flax+almonds. Any of the several Nuttzo nut spread products are going to be good

Nuttzo Seven Nut Seed Butter Power Fuel Crunchy

Nutso, Peanut butter with Nuts and seed (similar to above but with peanuts) (any nutso nut spread product is good)

Shopping online: Find the best deals!

Several online retailers will ship nonperishable foods that don’t require refrigeration direct to your door. Example: Amazon, Vitacost, iHerb, Walmart (save by ordering to pickup in store). You can find the best deals by going to the ‘shopping’ tab of your Google browser and inputting the search. For example “100% grass fed hotdog” gets you several brand options…57013.58019.0.58318.….0…1c.1.64.psy-ab..0.0.0….0.xn9tGPObsF8 


  • Sprouted pumpkin seeds
  • Nutritional yeast (foods alive)
  • Mary’s gone crackers
  • Snacks/dessert add to salad: 4505 pork rinds

Ready-to-Eat (or nearly so) Foods


Many of their microwavable entrees are made with slow-digesting carbs and free of the toxic 3C and 3S oils. They are low in clean-burning fats, however, so I suggest you add foods like cheese, avocado, and sour cream to enhance the entree. 

Recommended: Chose entrees with less than 30gm total carbohydrates, (click on the flavor option to see the carb counts) for example the Breakfast Sausage Scramble has 21 gm total carbs and would go well with an ounce or so of cheddar, Monterey jack, or farmers cheese. The chicken and wild rice stroganoff has 20 gm of total carb and would go well with a couple of tablespoons of sour cream. 

Available at Publix and Target

Just Crack an Egg

They provide the bowl, veggies, and other mostly natural ingredients, you provide the egg. Cooks in the microwave 

Starkist Tuna Creations

Just tuna, broths and spices. Variety pak available. Sold at Publix, online and elsewhere.

All you need is a spoon! Or add to cottage cheese, lettuce, Ezekiel toast, or crackers 


A plant-based drink with lots of protein and energy-boosting fats about $5 per 270 calorie bottle, several flavors to choose from. Find a store easily from the company website 

For more ideas, see Fast Easy Meals in this document

Single serving dressings

About 50 cents each

About 50 cents each 

$0.44 each

Healthy Food Categories

You can’t go wrong with these:

Beans. When possible, starting with dry is healthier than using canned. 

Broth and stock from all-natural ingredients (avoid bullion)

Condiments and sauces: Avoid all with vegetable oil (see list below under “Condiments”)

Eggs. Vital Choice is a great brand available nationwide

Herbs and spices fresh or dried

Meats include beef, poultry, pork, fish, and shellfish. Fresh, frozen, pre-cooked, and deli-style (try to avoid nitrates in deli-meat when you can).

Milk and all other real milk dairy including butter, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, cream cheese, Greek yogurt, regular yogurt (string cheese, and squeeze cheese products and anything that says ‘cheese product’ are not quite as healthy but better than starchy snacks)

Nuts. Sprouted are best, then raw, then dry roasted or cooked in healthy oil. Avoid if ingredients include vegetable oil. Nuts taste best when chilled, so keep in the fridge if you can.

Salt: Any kid of salt

Seafood and fish/shellfish including sushi, poke.

Seeds. Sprouted are best, then raw, then dry roasted or cooked in healthy oil. Avoid if ingredients include vegetable oil

Vegetables. Fresh are better than frozen. Avoid canned if possible. Fermented veggies like real pickles, kimchi and sauerkraut are super healthy. If you have diabetes or want to lose weight limit your intake of starchy vegetables like potatoes. A good substitute for baked potatoes are Turnips. A good substitute for mashed potatoes is mashed cauliflower.

Higher carb foods here include beans, peas and corn. But I still recommend them due to the fact that they are not absorbed into your blood fast and therefore don’t bump your insulin. 

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