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In Spite of Constant Nagging, American’s Don’t Eat Greens

If you can afford it, use butter (or other fats) to help greens taste great and fill you up.

I had a patient who brought his “uncontrollable” diabetes under control to the point where he could get off his insulin simply by switching to a low carb diet for a few weeks and eating real food, including more vegetables slathered in organic, pastured butter. But he came back unhappy in spite of success. Why? He couldn’t afford to keep eating real food.

Eat your unobtainables

Medicare pays for insulin, glucometers, lancets, strips, but not for broccoli.

In 2007, medicare and other insurance companies spent $12.5 billion to buy patients their diabetes medications. This month, the CDC published a study showing only 23 percent of Americans eat three servings of greens on a daily basis. I don’t know how much money they spent doing this study, yet another in the stream of studies showing the same exact thing, but I bet it’s more than they’ll spend helping farmers who grow actual real organic veggies. If GMO corn, soy, wheat, and potatoes are the only subsidized crops, then the 40 million American people who live in poverty in 2010 (which is about 12 percent of us all) will eat those four crops and little else. It’s not rocket science.

So what about the rest of us?

A big reason the 150,000 other Americans who can presumably afford to eat a little better don’t probably has something to do with the fact that there’s not enough healthy fats in the store to accompany the greens and make them taste as delicious as they should. Organic butter from pastured cows costs 5-10 times as much as margarines and spreads, olive oil is way more expensive than canola oil or the other garbage vegetable oils, and coconut oil, lard, and other REAL FOOD fats are not even available in your ordinary grocery store.

What can you do? Get Social! And take back the foodchain.

You can gripe, sell your brother’s Mad Magazine collection, feed your kids GMOs and keep eating junk. But I don’t advise that. Instead, you could join a local group of food enthusiast’s, one of many healthy mom’s groups popping up all over Facebook, call your senate Ag Committee and ask them to STOP subsidizing the industrial junk food crops so farmers can start meeting the unmet demand for real food.

A couple of my favorites:

Dr. Cate

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  1. When we the people squawk enough (by showing what matters by spending on quality food items) economics will change. The big agri businesses thrive because people support them. It’s an interesting web we weave, when foods that make us sick, result in drugs to “make us well” (which is an illusion). Although the raw food movement may be very fringe, it is making inroads. Food subsidies for those in poverty will still buy carrots and greens. And growing our own food is so sweet and peaceful. Even a container garden is pretty inexpensive, and sprouting is pretty cheap. I remain very thankful for the superb work of Dr. Cate!!

  2. How about we, as a nation, simply stop the governmental subsidy programs that squander our tax dollars by fleecing the pockets of agri business giants who grow foods that make us sick? By doing this one step we would not only cut federal spending (which seems nearly impossible and almost blasphemous for me to utter) but we would also level the playing field some for organic farming to gain more ground in the marketplace and make organic options more available for others.

  3. This is so true. But I’m afraid I don’t see the government taking the massive subsidies that go to drugs and GMO’s and subsidizing real food. It’s a wonderful thought, but a little idealist.

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