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Real Food Summit, Low-Carb Contest Round Two, and More!

Sean Croxton kicks off Real Food Summit July 8

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all look out our windows and see something like this everyday? Men like Joel Salatin, John Wood, and Mark McAfee are doing their part to change Americas farms–and you can meet them during Sean’s Summit!

It’s not to late to participate in Sean’s blockbuster event. This summit is chock full of experts, 28 in total. (Click on right banner for today’s presentation!)

Don’t miss tons of practical, hands on advice from experts in the arts of traditional cooking, fermenting, bone-brothing, and getting your kids on board, including:

Sarah Pope–Blogger. The Healthy Home Economist
Kelly the Kitchen Kop–Blogger and Auther
Jenny McGruther–Blogger. Nourished Kitchen

You’ll get to meet producers of some of Americas best food including some of my heroes:

Joel Salatin–Farmer. Polyface Farms (Featured in Michael Pollan’s movie Food, Inc.)
Mark McAffee–Founder. Organic Pastures Dairy
John Wood–Farmer. US Wellness meats

When I say you’ll get to meet the experts, I mean it literally!

The day after each presentation, you’ll be able to ask the experts questions. This is your opportunity to talk directly with food crusader celebrities, including:

Jeffrey Smith–Author. Seeds of Deception
Aaron Lucich–Film Producer and Director: We are What We Eat

Along with experts on weight loss, superfoods, micronutrients, epigenetics, and more! I am definitely downloading these because there is just not enough time to listen to them all live.

Dr Cate Gets Awarded by

Speaking of food crusaders, I was recently chosen by as one of their top 15, along with Michael Pollan , Alice Waters, Jamie Oliver, and Marion Nestle. Needless to say it is quite an honor to be in such company.

And then Gets Bogged Down Making (Awesome) Summit Video

The Summit started July 8 and subscribers didn’t get the RSS feed until July 9, my bad. It was a full two months ago Sean invited me to participate in the summit and I got behind the eight ball. I started making a free bonus video for the Summit and got totally engrossed. Video making is complicated! I think you’ll enjoy the video. It’s called: Real Food, Real Fast: The Power of Cluster Shopping (scroll down to Free Bonus #6)

Video available as part of the upgrade package for Sean Croxton’s Real Food Summit

I’ve put together a survival guide of the kind of simple tips that have helped many of my patients shed unhealthy habits and transition from processed food to real food, losing unwanted pounds and pills in the process. Cluster shopping gives you tools for throwing together an endless variety of meals you love at work and at home–in as little as sixty seconds!

Low-Carb Poop Out Round One Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the contest! Congratulations to three lucky winners picked at random by the Poly process*:

John, Sarabeth Matinskey, and Kim. Please send me an address via email to admin [at sign] drcate [dot] com (it looks funny to reduce spam).

Low-Carb Poop Out Contest: Round Two Click Here for Contest Link

In honor of Sean’s Summit, I am kicking off part two of the Low-Carb Poop Out contest.

Win FREE, autographed copies of BOTH of my books! Click the photo above to be directed to the Low Carb Poop Out Contest video, submission rules, and entry fields.

If you haven’t submitted your story of challenging fatigue or other problems potentially stemming from low-carbing yet, please contribute your story in the comment section. The second round of winners will be picked from qualifying (must answer all five questions) submissions added between July 5 and August 1. Same rules apply! (Winners selected who already own both books may elect to have the books shipped to friends and relatives around the world. Please be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed to be notified you have won.)

*Poly Process: All names written roughly the same size on a single piece of paper, which Poly my Maine Coon helper got to play with until 3 names were at least partly torn off.

Dr. Cate

With over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research, Dr. Cate can help you to reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body.

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  1. HI, I have been following this way of eating since May 7, 2012. It took me a while for my body to adjust. I now feel great, have lost 13.5#, am never hungry and would like to continue eating this way. However, I just had labwork done and everything made me very pleased EXCEPT for my fasting BG. It went from 88 to 95! I have never had issues with my sugar, have no family hx and it has never been this high. Here are my lab results from April2012/Sept 2012: FBG 88/95; Trig 59/40; LDL 86/89: HDL 54/80; Total Chol 152/177; hsCRP 2.5/1.6. Do you recommend a repeat test for the FBG? My diet was the same the day before the test and i fasted for 13 hr. Thanks for your help! Lisa p.s. I am on no medication.

  2. I am 49 years, 6′ frame – 185 lbs. I have noticed in the past few years several changes in my body; firstly when i consume a heavy loaded carb lunch such as pasta without protein i become very lethargic and sleepy within 1 hour. I have also put the brakes on bread and pastries; occaisionally i will treat myself! Last fall while in Italy i noticed that my body did not respond with the symtoms mentioned above when i ate bread or pastry? I am learning more about my body through the food that i consume. Started drinking green smoothies (raw veggies) & have seen some wonderful benefits – feeling good & energized. Looking forward to leaning more about the affect of food and mood.

  3. Chris Kresser’s session yesterday on Eating Fish and Seafood was fantastic! Well worth the 38 minutes, and would have been worth paying for!

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