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Dr Cate Shanahan’s COVID Crisis Great Book Giveaway

Dr Cate’s Note: This Promotion is OVER. A huge thank you to all those who participated and congratulations to our 3 big winners!


I don’t know if you’ve been reading the news, but there’s been some pretty crazy stuff going on out there. A lot of people are starting to think differently about their health. Things like, What would I do if there were no health care or What if only the very rich could afford it? Some 40 million Americans are now out of work, which for a lot of them means no more insurance.


I want to do something special this month. Every Saturday in June I will be sending out a free signed copy of any one of my books with a personal message to one lucky reader somewhere in the USA to either keep for themselves or gift to someone who has recently lost their job, or is struggling with metabolic issues, or has simply hit upon hard times. Think of it as you and me giving a book to someone who might not otherwise be able to get one.


And since COVID-19 started in China, we felt it made sense to offer one of the rare, collectable Chinese versions of Deep Nutrition as one of the four books we giveaway to whichever lucky winner requests it first.


How do you win?


Simply leave a comment at the bottom of this post with a link to a nice, Audible or verified-Amazon purchase review of The FATBURN Fix. Drawings will be held live on Facebook every Saturday at 11 AM EST for the month of June. Join us on Facebook HERE


Good luck, and thank you for all the support!



Winner: Elizabeth H. Watch the drawing here:

(3 more weeks to go, get your copy, read your copy, (hopefully, love your copy), review your copy ! [If link doesn’t work, copy paste link into your browser, it goes to FB Live video of cat-assisted hat drawing]


Week #2 Winner Is Holly S.

WEEK TWO Winner: Holly S.


Week Three Winner: Ralph B.

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