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Reverse Fatty Liver To Prevent Long Covid

Fatty Liver Promotes Long Covid (New Study)

New studies show fatty liver makes COVID not just deadly but also disabling by increasing the chance you’ll develop “long covid.”

You can reverse fatty liver to prevent long Covid by avoiding seed oils, cutting soda and juice, and keeping alcohol under 4 drinks per week.

Of the above three factors, the mot important is avoiding the hateful 8 seed oils!

Getting alcohol down to zero would be even better than cutting back to 4 drinks per week, so if you need to reverse fatty liver keep that in mind and pick your poison wisely.

If you do not have fatty liver, alcohol is less likely to damage your liver, but the hateful 8 seed oils will damage your liver no mater your age, health status, race or gender.

The above featured image is from a presentation posted on VuMedi.Com.

The presentation is entitled “COVID-19 Long-Term Impact: What Are the Most Common, Persisting Symptoms for Long COVID-19? How Should Physicians Care for Those Patients?

  • The left side of the image shows that if you have severe fatty liver you are 5X more likely to require hospitalization.
  • The right side of the image shows that roughly 23% of people with long covid have fatty liver and that in this study more than half of the covid recovered patients with fatty liver developed long covid.
  • Abnormal pancreatic fat deposits appear to put people at even higher risk, however we do not screen for pancreatic fat deposits so the vast majority with this condition would not know they have it unless they’ve had an abdominal MRI.

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