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Dr Cate On Real Time

Dr. Cate on Real Time with Bill Maher

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In case you missed it, last week I spoke to Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time to impeach the poster boy of the junk food/pharmaceutical-industrial complex—seed oils (aka vegetable oils). I also threw down a challenge: If anyone in America has been diligently avoiding vegetable oils for five years and got hit so hard by COVID they needed ICU care (and does not have a known immune deficiency disease or chronic infection), let me know. [Link to full 60 minute audio on stitcher]


It’s been over a week now, and….






So far, no one has self-identified as the unicorn case—the person for whom the avoidance of vegetable oils offered no protection against the worst ravages of SARS COVI2.


I have however been contacted by a number of people who, as a result of reading my books and/or website, have been off vegetable oils for years, who got infected and who attribute the minor symptoms they had to suffer through for just a few days to the fact that they don’t live on junk food.


Here’s one of my favorites:


“I’m 60, I got sick and tested positive for corona, and for me this felt like nothing more than a mild flu. I’ve been avoiding the 8 we like to hate from Dr Cate for years now and I believe it helped me stay out of the hospital. Thanks, Dr Cate!

~ Melanie Weisberg, NJ


I have gotten some negative comments, too. They all say pretty much the same thing, that it’s irresponsible for me, as a physician, to suggest that there is any relationship between diet and immunity. Comments like “It doesn’t matter what you eat. You either get it or you don’t.” I’ve been accused of exploiting this crisis to push some kind of agenda.


Well, you bet your butt I am. In the same way that if I saw kids losing their eyesight because of lack of vitamin A (a common condition in developing countries called keratoconus), I’d “exploit” that opportunity to do everything in my power to make sure their parents knew there was something they could do. Something based in science and reality.


No doubt, if I put that information out, droves of internet-armchair medical experts would call me out, saying, “It’s irresponsible to exploit….blah blah blah.” The fact is, they’re wrong. Nutrition does matter.


Apparently, more people are agreeing with that, because every last hardcover and paperback copy of both The FATBURN Fix and Deep Nutrition sold out on Amazon within hours of the Real Time broadcast. And unfortunately, new copies remain unavailable on Amazon as of today.


Physical copies of Deep Nutrition and The FATBURN Fix sold out from Amazon but ebooks and audiobooks are still available. Deep Nutrition is available from and The FATBURN Fix is available from Barnes and NobleFood Rules is available in all formats on Amazon.


I’m sure my publisher is doing everything in its power to remedy this situation as soon as it possibly can. In the meantime, it looks like the junk food/big pharm conglomerates lucked out. I would have like to have had tens of thousands of copies sent out to the Americans who went to Amazon with the intention to buy while my Real Time appearance was still fresh on their minds. I apologize to those who wanted to buy the book and were met with a brick wall.


[If you would like to be notified once printed books are available from Amazon, please be sure to subscribe to my updates by clicking “Get updates of Dr. Cate’s latest content” in the upper right corner of the website.]


While we’re on the subject, to those disappointed by the fact that The FATBURN Fix has no index, no one is more disappointed than me. If I can find a way to remedy that, I will.


If I wanted my life to be easy, I would have written The Taco Bell Diet: Munch the Pounds Away on Less Than $2 a Day! I knew from the beginning I’d hit barriers trying to deliver my message, that we need to revolutionize the way we think about nutrition. In fact, I was told by a best selling author in the health space that a book condemning Canola would never be published. But it was, and that is its own small victory. When the printed books once again become available for sale on Amazon, that’ll be another victory in the name of health. Thanks for your patience.


But here I am talking nutrition and publishing as dozens of US cities are burning. Maybe the next time we all get together, we will use the sharing and celebration of real food, not looting and destruction, as our reason. Who says the best way to protest is violence? People beating each other up in the streets doesn’t seem to accomplish much. What would really stick it to The Man is if we came together, celebrating the cuisines of our various cultural histories, over a riot of good food.


Video Clip from the Show (on TWITTER)


Full audio from the 1 hour show, my interview starts at 17:15


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