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Healthy Metabolism, Healthy You
April 11, 2020

Dr. Cate on: Healthy Metabolism, Healthy You

In this episode of Health Coach Radio with Erin Power and Laura Rupsis, they invited Dr. Cate Shanahan to talk about metabolic health and my area of expertise. They fast-tracked releasing this episode of Health Coach Radio because metabolic dysfunction is an alarming risk factor for the COVID-19 virus.
The Four Things The Healthiest Cuisines Have In Common
October 23, 2019

Dr. Cate on: The Four Things the Healthiest Cuisines Have in Common

In this episode of Futuretech Podcast, Richard Jacobs interviews Dr. Cate Shanahan to explain why the meats we typically have available to us are subpar (our pets often eat better than us!) and why it is best to raise meat yourself or get it from a local farmer. Dr. Cate also suggests the option of avoiding meat altogether and eating lots of herbs and spices
Power Of “Deep Nutrition”
July 19, 2017

Dr. Cate on: Power of “Deep Nutrition”

Mike Matthews from Muscle for Life Podcast interviews Dr. Cate Shanahan to discuss the two biggest problems with most people’s diets. Dr. Cate also shares one simple dietary change everyone can make to improve their health immediately and possibly even body composition.
Navigating Food Choices
March 22, 2017

Dr. Cate on: Navigating Food Choices

Dr. David Perlmutter invites Dr. Cate Shanahan on Empowering Neurologist again to answer this crucial question more fundamental to our health than "What should I eat today?" It's something we grapple with daily, and how we answer that question can set the tone for how we feel for days, weeks, or months.
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