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Kate Middleton Versus Pippa: Who Is The More Beautiful Sister?

Kate Middleton Versus Pippa: Who is the more beautiful sister?

Just one year apart, these two highly attractive women could almost pass for twins. Still, the younger, Pippa, lacks the powerful dynamic symmetry of the elder Kate whose face features many elements now seen more often in older siblings of closely spaced children: broader forehead, higher cheekbones, wider jaw, and stronger chin (in comparison to her still very pretty younger sister). Pippa does benefit from the “more experienced uterus” phenomena and has a slightly more feminized lower jaw. For more examples of Second Sibling Syndrome, click over to the celebrity album.

Both beautiful girls, the youngest does show signs of (relative) maternal nutrient deprivation.

These minor changes can have major health consequences. I recently met a couple of close-spaced sisters in their early 70s. The older one was medication-free, and the younger, while still very healthy, was on several prescriptions and since she had been born with a slight twist to her spine (scoliosis), she was dealing with a lot more pain than her healthier elder.

Second Sibling Syndrome Strikes Again!

I publish this today not to make anyone feel bad about past decisions. Planning a baby’s health is not something with which our modern culture takes any interest (where’s the profit in that?) Rather, I want to point out that if the mother of a future queen can’t manage to get enough nutrients to refortify her body between babies in such a short time, it’s highly unlikely a busy working mom will do any better.

Please, ladies, don’t let the idea of a ticking biological clock scare you into rapid-fire pregnancies! A better diet makes your hormonal system work so much better, which means you can, in essence, slow that clock down.

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Kobe Bryant

It helped. I feel great.

"It’s helped. I feel great."

Kobe Bryant
NBA baskeball player
megyn kelly

This has been life changing

"Let me tell you this has been life-changing. I have all of her books, in audible and ebooks! I have gotten rid of all the hateful 8 oils. I have trained my body to eat its own previously toxic body fat. Download that pod it's a game changer!"

Megyn Kelly
Jesse Watters

Life changing

Deep Nutrition changed my life.

Jesse Watters
Fox News Primetime host

Saved my life

I would like to thank you for literally saving my life. Back in February, I had to be hospitalized while on vacation in Phoenix with an A1C of 11% and had to start taking 2 types of insulin and 2 other meds. I read the Fatburn Fix in April, and followed the program to a tee, and I’m down by 15 pounds, 6.8 A1C, and only one once weekly diabetes medicine. Prior to reading the book, it was almost impossible for me to lose weight as a diabetic. 

Leontyne Tompkins

I feel free

For the last month, I have really been reading all labels on everything. I have completely remove those 8 oils you talk about. I must tell you, I feel great! I have more energy and I am now 197 lbs (have always been around 205 to 210lbs). I eat potatoes with real butter, grass fed steak, pasta with the right toppings. I eat everything! I seem to crave less sugar. I love it! 

Robert Kirkendall

I feel so much better

I had terrible aches and pains everywhere in my body, my hands, shoulders and knees. I feel so much better and the way I feel is motivating me every day! Thank you

Mike Deb Wootan Burcin

Better than ever

I am an anesthesiologist in Orlando and a huge fan of both of your books! I have been incorporating your principles for the last 10 months and feel that my health is better than ever.

Marnie Robinson, MD

My allergies disappeared

The biggest difference for me (and a surprising one) is that my allergies have almost completely disappeared! This is a big deal for me, because I’ve had allergies most of my life and they have often affected what I do which is a teaching music in [a public school district].  In general, I feel much better and have more consistent energy throughout the day.

Erica Turrell

Heart Palpitations have Stopped

I’ve lost 20+ pounds (also fasting 16-24 hours daily) and haven’t had palpitations except for one occasion — I had a mini bag of Fritos for the first time in July. And, I feel better now on a daily basis than I ever did all through college.

Mike Wright
Deep Nutrition and Fatburn Fix reader
Mitzi Wilkinson Champion

I’ve lost over 50 pounds

I’ve lost over 50 pounds. I’m 56 years old. Cutting processed food and unhealthy fats from my diet was one of the first things I did on my health recovery journey...I went cold turkey off the bad oils. Emptied my pantry into the trash and just started eating real food

Mitzi Wilkinson Champion

Knowledge I didn’t know I needed

Your Fatburn Fix book is amazing, my friend. Thank you! I’m an Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and I know my stuff. This is the extra layer of knowledge I didn’t know I needed. Well done!

Jennifer Dillman
Fatburn Fix reader

Lost a solid 20 lbs and my bloodwork is great

I have lost a solid 20 lbs and my bloodwork (after 3 months of eating your way) was even better! I was metabolically healthy (per your book) before I read your book, but barely. Lowering my weight, sealed the deal! I have been talking about you and your book to anyone who will listen...Thank you for all you’ve done and what you continue to do! You are changing lives for the better!

Missy Cramer
FatBurn Fix reader

Lost 20 lbs I could never shed

I love your Fatburn Fix!  Has helped me so so much!  I have had the dreaded weight all my life - 20 or so pounds I could never shed.  I have lost that now. I only eat 2 meals a day lunch and dinner with a glass of milk or cappuccino around 4 to hold me over. No snacking and not bad oils.  It has been the key to unlocking my fatburn.  I work out in the am and believe I am burning fat for energy not from food!

Lauren Smith

I feel great

My waist is four inches smaller. I feel great and many of the minor aches and pains that I had (knees and lower back) are gone. Also, my muscle tone is amazing, even though I have not increased my workout routine.

Richard Janelle
Completed Dr Cate's online course
Kent Matthes

The go-to for strength and conditioning coaches

Whenever I advise my clients about eating to perform I go straight to what I have learned from Dr. Cate. Her book Deep Nutrition has become the go-to for strength and conditioning coaches across the country.

Kent Matthes
Major League Baseball Agent with WME Sports
Ken D Berry

Dismantles the lie

Dr. Cate dismantles the lie that seed oils are healthy, which may the biggest lie about nutrition and health because it’s so insidious.  

Ken D Berry, MD
Author of Lies My Doctor Told Me
Dr. Drew Pinsky

She knows the chemistry

Dr. Cate alerts us to the harms of seed oils and she’s convincing because she knows the chemistry better than anyone.

Dr. Drew Pinskey, MD
Globally recognized internal medicine and addiction medicine specialist, media personality, LoveLine Host, and New York Times bestselling author
Kelly Starrett

No one is better at communicating nutritional truth

Dr. Cate has had the single greatest impact on how we talk to people about fueling for both performance or durability. While we all are a little unique, the foundational principles of human nutrition are immutable. If you are looking to create a more durable, resilient body, no one is better at communicating nutritional truth than Dr. Cate.

Dr. Kelly Starrett
Physiotherapist coach and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author
Brian Lenkzes

Highly recommend The Fatburn Fix

Dr. Shanahan has had a significant impact on my practice of medicine. I am known as a Low Carb Doctor, but I never really appreciated the negative effects of processed seed oils on the health of my patients. I highly recommend The Fatburn Fix to my patients and have a loaner copy in my waiting room. It is amazing how quickly blood sugars and overall health improves with cutting seed oils. It is not just about the carbs!

Dr. Brian Lenkzes, MD
CEO of LowCarbMD San Diego, co-host of Low Carb MD Podcast and host of Life's Best Medicine Podcast
Chris Kaman

Respected in the sports world

Dr. Cate reordered my diet when I was with the L.A. Lakers, and the benefits, for me personally, were felt immediately and have served me to this day. I’ve come to take real food so seriously I started a small family farm. I know of no M.D./nutritionist more respected in the sports world than Dr. Cate Shanahan.

Chris Kaman
NBA Player
Mark Sisson

Brought seed oil issue front and center

Cate brought the seed oil issue front and center. Healthy fats matter. So much so that I created an entire product line to swap out bad fats with good.

Mark Sisson
Founding Father of the Primal/Paleo Movement
Dallas Hartwig

Optimal health starts with food

If you want to understand how optimal health starts with food, start with Dr. Cate. Her book Deep Nutrition leaves you with an appreciation of the profound relationship between our genes and the planet, inspiring us to be good shepherds of both.

Dallas Hartwig
Attribution author of The Whole 30
Dwight Howard

Helped me with endurance

Deep Nutrition really helped me with endurance. I started to feel better as a player. I was able to run more, I was able to be more active …and I just decided to keep going with it to this day.

Dwight Howard
NBA Player
Paul Grewal

Silver bullet for me

Dr Cate’s teachings helped me lose 60 pounds like it was nothing. It was like a silver bullet for me.

Paul Grewal, MD 
Dr Grewal Internal Medicine, MD, author of Genius Foods
Joesph Mercola

Radically improve your health…

Dr. Shanahan has provided a solid reference that deserves a place in the library of anyone who is seriously interested in nutrition. Her perspective on the vital role that healthy fat has in our diet is novel and, if implemented, can radically improve your health.

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of Fat for Fuel and Founder of
Dave Aspery

Pull up a chair…

I have based my work on the idea that getting the right kinds of healthy fats into your body and avoiding the worst fats is essential to optimal health. I've interviewed dozens of the world's top experts about this, and I know of no one who speaks more eloquently on this topic than Dr Cate. If she’s talking fats, pull up a chair. Take notes.

Dave Asprey
Author of the Bulletproof Diet

The key to unlocking my fatburn

I love your Fatburn Fix!  Has helped me so so much!  I have had the dreaded weight all my life - 20 or so pounds I could never shed.  I have lost that now. I only eat 2 meals a day lunch and dinner with a glass of milk or cappuccino around 4 to hold me over. No snacking and not bad oils.  It has been the key to unlocking my fatburn.  

Lauren Smith

Saved my life

I would like to thank you for literally saving my life. Back in February, I had to be hospitalized while on vacation in Phoenix with an A1C of 11% and had to start taking 2 types of insulin and 2 other meds. I read the Fatburn Fix in April, and followed the program to a tee, and I’m down by 15 pounds, 6.8 A1C, and only one once weekly diabetes medicine. 

Leontyne Tompkins

> Tears of joy

 I'm crying tears of joy and appreciation for all you've done for me and my health! Without Deep Nutrition and Fatburn Fix, I would literally still be in the vicious cycle I'd been fighting all my life! In a nutshell - I am no longer a compulsive overeating addict suffering under the crushing 'thumb' of all food and alcohol.     

Penni Wicks


With over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research, Dr. Cate can help you to reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body.

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  1. Think it’s reversed in my family. I’m the oldest and though I have a strong-looking jaw I have TMJ and crowded teeth which my younger twin sisters do not have. I’m 5’4″, have scoliosis, hormone imbalances, gluten allergies, and very poor vision. My twin sisters are 5’6″ and 5’7″ and have none of those issues. Although they did have asthma when they were little and they have more allergies to things like pollen or hay and they get cavities kind of easily while I have no cavities or fillings (but I did in a few baby teeth). We all have broad foreheads and high cheekbones and we were all breastfed 17-18 months. I eat a LOT healthier than they do because that’s what I have to do to stay feeling good. If I’m eating healthy I rarely get sick or anything, so I guess I can’t complain too much, but they can just tolerate a lot more than I can because they don’t have all the issues I do.

  2. Kate’s face is asymmetrical, clumpy and nutcracker looking, with that strange top lip and protruding jaw. People would say anything, she is no beauty. Pippa is much more feminine and those cutsie eyes. She looks older than her age though and the fake tan doesn’t help that. She is ‘prettier’ by far. But neither are Great Beauties. Kate is no Grace Kelly. I see lots of beautiful, tall dark haired girls who are much better looking around town. You wouldn’t notice those Middleton ones in the middle of those girls. Also Kate is NOT 5’10”, if she was she would be nearer William’s height in those high, high shoes. She also would have been nearer Michelle Obama’s height instead of much smaller, Michelle was wearing hardly any heel and though she is 5’11”, she was quite a bit taller than Kate who was wearing much higher shoes.

    Nutrition is very important, but you can put yourself through the strictest regemes during pregnancy and give birth to…..a Picky Eater who can undo in the formative years on earth all the good you’ve done.

  3. Karen
    Toot away, you’ve worked hard to ‘grow’ those children. And I’ll toot my own horn, too–Chapter Four of Deep Nutrition is entitled A Mother’s Wisdom: Letting Your Body Grow a Perfect Baby. It describes the non-physical aspects of second sibling syndrome as well as the more visible. And the answer is no, nobody is doomed. But–and this is very important–you want to read also chapter 9 regarding total carb intake because most people, even those doing gluten free, still get far too many carbs (whole grains, fruits) and that can dramatical impair immune function for reasons we illustrate.

  4. Possibly tooting my own horn here, and of course I’m biased, but I have five gloriously beautiful children, three boys first, then two girls. We get remarks very often about “growing” gorgeous children. All of them are lovely. I’m a second-born (first daughter) of a first-born mother. My husband is the firstborn of his family. My own family, on both sides, have forever been healthy eaters, even when it wasn’t “cool” in the 50s and 60s where everything processed, “scientific”, and Space Age, food included, were all the rage. Both my parents were raised on a farm, and both sets of grandparents farmed & ate naturally, even organically, before such a thing existed. I have great genes of long standing, for optimizing health. Both my husband and I are tall and in very good health, me in my late 30s and he in his mid-40s, though I have celiac disease. He is in exceptionally good health & physical condition for a 45yo man, and if it was’t for CD, I’d be in near-perfect health.

    However, something I have noticed is this: My oldest son is neurotypical with no known health problems. My second son has high functioning autism, though he is the most hale and hearty of my children. My third son has celiac disease, allergic to dairy, anaphylactic to peanuts, and had even more allergies as a younger child. He also has mild learning disabilities. My 4th child, a daughter, is absolutely beautiful, but she has celiac disease, though she is smart as a whip. My 5th child is only 3yo, and has had health problems for her entire life, even while I was breastfeeding her. Her health problems are on the serious side, and are mysterious, and so far, not unraveled by doctors, though a recent discovery of systemic Candidiasis might possibly be to blame for virtually all her health troubles.

    I guess my point/question is this: Have you seen families who physically don’t have a “second sibling” syndrome, but do have increasingly ill health? Crazy as it may sound, my husband and I would like a 6th child (me, more than him!), but we are concerned with the health of that child. We seem to have joined together to create the perfect storm of autoimmune health problems. There are autoimmune disorders on both my husband’s and my side, which we did not discover until fairly recently. Now, we wonder if the health of our baby #5 is so poor, does that automatically mean #6 is doomed? I guess I’m not expecting you to answer this exactly, but I have never seen these topics broached elsewhere.

  5. TokyoMum
    Sounds like your mom had some great genes if she was able to have 5 kids w/ perfect teeth. That’s very rare these days!

  6. Hello, I visited your site through Jaminet’s Around the Web link. Just to share…. Since reading Weston A. Price, I have been comparing myself with my 4 sisters and 2 brothers, and now reading your post here, made me revisit that comparison again. My mother was 35 when she gave birth to me, after her last birth of my brother, 6 years before me. I am the only one among my 6 siblings who have a crooked tooth. They all have perfect straight evenly spaced teeth. I wonder why, and I assumed that perhaps my diet as a child wasn’t nutrient densed enough, OR, my mother’s nutritional status wasn’t at optimal level enough for a 6th child, after bearing 5 kids , therefore the crooked tooth was already predetermined by that low nutritional status. Or both.

  7. That’s really interesting about the youthfulness. I thought you might say Kate’s larger chin makes her a little too masculine, which can make her ‘bossy’ looking. I probably only thought you’d think that because that’s what I think.
    Thanks for your insights. Now let’s wait 60 years and see if Pippa still looks younger.

  8. Hi Dr Cate, yes I should have elaborated! I agree with Luke that Pippa is CUTE. Perhaps this is a personal preference to me, to find cuteness more attractive. She has ‘laughing eyes’ and a cheekier smile, could it be she has a slight overbite that causes this cheeky look… I also feel like her features are somehow a bit more unusual- I am trying to put my finger on it! Obviously the girls have both the same parents but if I didn’t know they were sisters and you told me Pippa had some long-ago pacific Islander ancestry I’d believe it. Pippa’s nose is cuter- well, this is really being overly finicky about a gorgeous girl, but Kate’s nose seems more bulbous at the tip. They both have lovely slender figures but Pippa seems to have a lean, rounded-muscle look to her limbs that Kate does not (although like many brides it seems Kate lost a bit of weight due to nerves). I think the cuteness of Pippa’s face means she looks younger than Kate by more than a year and may continue to look younger as years go by, too. If I could look like either of them I would choose Pippa.

  9. Connie, try liver, panfried with onions, and bacon. Complete heaven. And so cheap.

    Dr Cate I agree with all your nutritional premises, and your observations re optimal physical form being an indicator of optimal physical function, so am putting them into practice to the best of my ability but … I feel that Pippa is by far the prettier Middleton sis :o)

  10. Hi Dr. Cate and Luke,

    Thank you so much for your responses. I really appreciated the list of things that you feel could change. I think my frustration in reading about second sibling syndrome is that it makes me feel hopeless and afraid that I will never be able to achieve health and strength, that it is irreparable damage.

    Luke, I really related to your story. My sister, with her gorgeous bone structure, homecoming queen, cheerleader, etc. etc., and then me, scrawny and weak with incredibly thick glasses and and a narrow face and weak chin.

    I know you have been criticized on message boards, etc. for so much information on looks and physical beauty, but I think it is really important information and I wish I had known it 30 years ago when my son was born. What parent wouldn’t want a healthy and beautiful child?
    I feel like I have tried to eat a good diet all my adult life but have not been able to get healthy or strong. I am in a wheelchair for ten years from foot injuries that won’t heal properly. 2 things I haven’t tried though are organ meats and bone broth. So I am making a lot of bone broth and trying to figure out how to incorporate organ meat into my diet.

    I was very encouraged by your answers and I so appreciate your taking the time to respond and your positive beliefs about healing.
    Thank you.

  11. Connie,

    I’d like to chime in here. Cate grew a full half inch when she improved her diet, and she was well into her thirties. I’m a third sibling born to a woman who hadn’t a clue about good nutrition. My youth and teenage years were characterized by terrible health problems—kind of the way the healthy, good looking, tall friends’ younger years were characterized by good looks, height, and strength. Just being able to see (I was legally blind without glasses) was a big part of my life. So was my constant acne. And my crooked teeth. And my recurrent ear infections. And the many lung infections that put me in the hospital. For other fellas, it was girls, football, scholarships, being beloved by teachers, and causing trouble on the weekends.

    Different life experiences, you might say. But would I have taken the other route (being really healthy) if given the chance to rewrite the past? In a heartbeat. But I wouldn’t have learned as much. And Deep Nutrition never would have been written, which means thousands of other second-born kids would suffer needlessly.

    My older brother: Perfect vision, two inches taller, perfect teeth—the usual story. But, I’m the one with the bigger heart. I’m the one who was afforded the view from the business end of the consequences of poor nutrition. A lot of folks have struggled with the fact that we discuss looks and physique in Deep Nutrition (if they were scientists, they wouldn’t argue with the fact that we discussed these things. They’d contend with our argument, that looks and health are related, directly). Still, I get where folks are coming from. Some mysteries, they feel intuitively, should be left uncovered. I was short and sickly and my older brother was tall and healthy. Shouldn’t such mysteries be left untouched, written off as chance? And why, why on earth, would anyone want to pop open the Pandora’s box about looks?

    Cate and I, you might have gathered, don’t have kids. But what I’m about to say is the truth: What we do have is the knowledge that, by facing these taboo topics head on, we’re giving parents the knowledge they need to see to it that all of their children—not just the first born—can enjoy enviable health, looks, and stature. They can all have an equal shot at a quality life. A perfectly healthy baby is a miracle, yes, but it’s one of those miracles that need a little help. Now parents know how to provide that help.

    (Of course, if parents chose to dismiss the benefits of good looks and a perfect physique, they are free to skip Deep Nutrition principles and eat, well, whatever. Their children will, soon enough, enter the Thunderdome that is High School to compete with the children of parents who took these matters more seriously. Best of luck to them—in gym class, in sports tryouts, in the lunch room, after school, two weeks before prom night, and, later, when they compete to win a cherished spot in a top-level college.)

    In the meantime, please try to rekindle your faith in your body and it’s capacity to grow stronger and heal with challenging exercise and a Deep Nutrition diet. Cate and I are, even after so many years of research, still amazed at what we read, and witness firsthand, about the body’s capacity for renewal and transformation.

    One final note: Both Kate and Pippa (above) are beautiful women. Kate’s beautiful and sophisticated. But darling little Kippa is cute as a button (even their names reflect this, as if their parents planned it out beforehand—Catherine and Kippa).

    Our bodies are growing and repairing and reordering themselves all the time. Now that you’ve read Deep Nutrition, you’ve got a leg up on sis. Soon enough, she’ll see how trim and strong and fit you look and she’ll be wondering how the heck you pulled it off. If she doesn’t act happy for you, then you have our permission to keep your beauty secret a secret.


  12. Connie
    There are many many things that will correct with a healthier diet. The things that will not correct are mostly the “already built” aspects of your body: Skeletal issues and certain types of collagen connective tissues in your skin. A short list of the many things that will correct include: Weight, cholesterol, hypertension, immune system imbalances, osteoporosis, diabetes, and anything that involves inflammation. Because of the genetic momentum your syster enjoys, it’s probably even more important for you to eat a truly traditional diet than it is for your sister to do so. I wish you best of luck in your journey to better health!

  13. It is always frustrating for me to read this here and in your book because I have second sibling syndrome. My older sister is so much stronger, healthier, and prettier than me and she always has been. I am 63 years old, she is a year older but she looks ten years younger. I have always struggled with my health. Are you also saying that by eating the four pillars of health we can regain our health and make up for the weaknesses that we were born with? or will we always be weaker?

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