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Celebrity Album: Second Sibling Syndrome

Left to right: Paris Hilton (born 1981) Claudia Schiffer (born 1970) Nicole Kidman (born 1967)

Can you match them with their younger siblings?

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Kobe Bryant

It helped. I feel great.

"It’s helped. I feel great."

Kobe Bryant
NBA baskeball player
megyn kelly

This has been life changing

"Let me tell you this has been life-changing. I have all of her books, in audible and ebooks! I have gotten rid of all the hateful 8 oils. I have trained my body to eat its own previously toxic body fat. Download that pod it's a game changer!"

Megyn Kelly
Jesse Watters

Life changing

Deep Nutrition changed my life.

Jesse Watters
Fox News Primetime host

Saved my life

I would like to thank you for literally saving my life. Back in February, I had to be hospitalized while on vacation in Phoenix with an A1C of 11% and had to start taking 2 types of insulin and 2 other meds. I read the Fatburn Fix in April, and followed the program to a tee, and I’m down by 15 pounds, 6.8 A1C, and only one once weekly diabetes medicine. Prior to reading the book, it was almost impossible for me to lose weight as a diabetic. 

Leontyne Tompkins

I feel free

For the last month, I have really been reading all labels on everything. I have completely remove those 8 oils you talk about. I must tell you, I feel great! I have more energy and I am now 197 lbs (have always been around 205 to 210lbs). I eat potatoes with real butter, grass fed steak, pasta with the right toppings. I eat everything! I seem to crave less sugar. I love it! 

Robert Kirkendall

I feel so much better

I had terrible aches and pains everywhere in my body, my hands, shoulders and knees. I feel so much better and the way I feel is motivating me every day! Thank you

Mike Deb Wootan Burcin

Better than ever

I am an anesthesiologist in Orlando and a huge fan of both of your books! I have been incorporating your principles for the last 10 months and feel that my health is better than ever.

Marnie Robinson, MD

My allergies disappeared

The biggest difference for me (and a surprising one) is that my allergies have almost completely disappeared! This is a big deal for me, because I’ve had allergies most of my life and they have often affected what I do which is a teaching music in [a public school district].  In general, I feel much better and have more consistent energy throughout the day.

Erica Turrell

Heart Palpitations have Stopped

I’ve lost 20+ pounds (also fasting 16-24 hours daily) and haven’t had palpitations except for one occasion — I had a mini bag of Fritos for the first time in July. And, I feel better now on a daily basis than I ever did all through college.

Mike Wright
Deep Nutrition and Fatburn Fix reader
Mitzi Wilkinson Champion

I’ve lost over 50 pounds

I’ve lost over 50 pounds. I’m 56 years old. Cutting processed food and unhealthy fats from my diet was one of the first things I did on my health recovery journey...I went cold turkey off the bad oils. Emptied my pantry into the trash and just started eating real food

Mitzi Wilkinson Champion

Knowledge I didn’t know I needed

Your Fatburn Fix book is amazing, my friend. Thank you! I’m an Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and I know my stuff. This is the extra layer of knowledge I didn’t know I needed. Well done!

Jennifer Dillman
Fatburn Fix reader

Lost a solid 20 lbs and my bloodwork is great

I have lost a solid 20 lbs and my bloodwork (after 3 months of eating your way) was even better! I was metabolically healthy (per your book) before I read your book, but barely. Lowering my weight, sealed the deal! I have been talking about you and your book to anyone who will listen...Thank you for all you’ve done and what you continue to do! You are changing lives for the better!

Missy Cramer
FatBurn Fix reader

Lost 20 lbs I could never shed

I love your Fatburn Fix!  Has helped me so so much!  I have had the dreaded weight all my life - 20 or so pounds I could never shed.  I have lost that now. I only eat 2 meals a day lunch and dinner with a glass of milk or cappuccino around 4 to hold me over. No snacking and not bad oils.  It has been the key to unlocking my fatburn.  I work out in the am and believe I am burning fat for energy not from food!

Lauren Smith

I feel great

My waist is four inches smaller. I feel great and many of the minor aches and pains that I had (knees and lower back) are gone. Also, my muscle tone is amazing, even though I have not increased my workout routine.

Richard Janelle
Completed Dr Cate's online course
Kent Matthes

The go-to for strength and conditioning coaches

Whenever I advise my clients about eating to perform I go straight to what I have learned from Dr. Cate. Her book Deep Nutrition has become the go-to for strength and conditioning coaches across the country.

Kent Matthes
Major League Baseball Agent with WME Sports
Ken D Berry

Dismantles the lie

Dr. Cate dismantles the lie that seed oils are healthy, which may the biggest lie about nutrition and health because it’s so insidious.  

Ken D Berry, MD
Author of Lies My Doctor Told Me
Dr. Drew Pinsky

She knows the chemistry

Dr. Cate alerts us to the harms of seed oils and she’s convincing because she knows the chemistry better than anyone.

Dr. Drew Pinskey, MD
Globally recognized internal medicine and addiction medicine specialist, media personality, LoveLine Host, and New York Times bestselling author
Kelly Starrett

No one is better at communicating nutritional truth

Dr. Cate has had the single greatest impact on how we talk to people about fueling for both performance or durability. While we all are a little unique, the foundational principles of human nutrition are immutable. If you are looking to create a more durable, resilient body, no one is better at communicating nutritional truth than Dr. Cate.

Dr. Kelly Starrett
Physiotherapist coach and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author
Brian Lenkzes

Highly recommend The Fatburn Fix

Dr. Shanahan has had a significant impact on my practice of medicine. I am known as a Low Carb Doctor, but I never really appreciated the negative effects of processed seed oils on the health of my patients. I highly recommend The Fatburn Fix to my patients and have a loaner copy in my waiting room. It is amazing how quickly blood sugars and overall health improves with cutting seed oils. It is not just about the carbs!

Dr. Brian Lenkzes, MD
CEO of LowCarbMD San Diego, co-host of Low Carb MD Podcast and host of Life's Best Medicine Podcast
Chris Kaman

Respected in the sports world

Dr. Cate reordered my diet when I was with the L.A. Lakers, and the benefits, for me personally, were felt immediately and have served me to this day. I’ve come to take real food so seriously I started a small family farm. I know of no M.D./nutritionist more respected in the sports world than Dr. Cate Shanahan.

Chris Kaman
NBA Player
Mark Sisson

Brought seed oil issue front and center

Cate brought the seed oil issue front and center. Healthy fats matter. So much so that I created an entire product line to swap out bad fats with good.

Mark Sisson
Founding Father of the Primal/Paleo Movement
Dallas Hartwig

Optimal health starts with food

If you want to understand how optimal health starts with food, start with Dr. Cate. Her book Deep Nutrition leaves you with an appreciation of the profound relationship between our genes and the planet, inspiring us to be good shepherds of both.

Dallas Hartwig
Attribution author of The Whole 30
Dwight Howard

Helped me with endurance

Deep Nutrition really helped me with endurance. I started to feel better as a player. I was able to run more, I was able to be more active …and I just decided to keep going with it to this day.

Dwight Howard
NBA Player
Paul Grewal

Silver bullet for me

Dr Cate’s teachings helped me lose 60 pounds like it was nothing. It was like a silver bullet for me.

Paul Grewal, MD 
Dr Grewal Internal Medicine, MD, author of Genius Foods
Joesph Mercola

Radically improve your health…

Dr. Shanahan has provided a solid reference that deserves a place in the library of anyone who is seriously interested in nutrition. Her perspective on the vital role that healthy fat has in our diet is novel and, if implemented, can radically improve your health.

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Author of Fat for Fuel and Founder of
Dave Aspery

Pull up a chair…

I have based my work on the idea that getting the right kinds of healthy fats into your body and avoiding the worst fats is essential to optimal health. I've interviewed dozens of the world's top experts about this, and I know of no one who speaks more eloquently on this topic than Dr Cate. If she’s talking fats, pull up a chair. Take notes.

Dave Asprey
Author of the Bulletproof Diet

The key to unlocking my fatburn

I love your Fatburn Fix!  Has helped me so so much!  I have had the dreaded weight all my life - 20 or so pounds I could never shed.  I have lost that now. I only eat 2 meals a day lunch and dinner with a glass of milk or cappuccino around 4 to hold me over. No snacking and not bad oils.  It has been the key to unlocking my fatburn.  

Lauren Smith

Saved my life

I would like to thank you for literally saving my life. Back in February, I had to be hospitalized while on vacation in Phoenix with an A1C of 11% and had to start taking 2 types of insulin and 2 other meds. I read the Fatburn Fix in April, and followed the program to a tee, and I’m down by 15 pounds, 6.8 A1C, and only one once weekly diabetes medicine. 

Leontyne Tompkins

> Tears of joy

 I'm crying tears of joy and appreciation for all you've done for me and my health! Without Deep Nutrition and Fatburn Fix, I would literally still be in the vicious cycle I'd been fighting all my life! In a nutshell - I am no longer a compulsive overeating addict suffering under the crushing 'thumb' of all food and alcohol.     

Penni Wicks


Do older children tend to have a different look than their younger siblings?

Birth order may affect our looks more than we realize. Quite often, the most photogenic member of the family is the oldest, as seen in the celebrity sibling pairs shown here. While not a universal rule, this principle bears investigation.

Left to right Nicky Hilton (born 1983) Antonia Kidman (born 1970) Carolin Ann Schiffer (born ??)

How Would You Characterize The Differences In Their Faces?

On close examination, younger siblings have quite a few differences in their features.

  • Narrower, with more closely spaced eyes
  • Eyebrows are less angular, more curved
  • Jawbones are shorter and the jaw angle is less prominent (This creates a crease or a wrinkle when they smile, rather than a dimple – at least when older. Nicky still has an adorable dimple.)
  • Cheekbones are lower and/or smaller
  • Lips are thinner

These differences can actually be formally analyzed, thanks to a plastic surgeon named Stephen J Marquardt. He has mathematically mapped out the features of celebrity faces and found that they correspond to a principle of symmetry known as the golden ratio, or phi. While the older siblings on this page would match the Marquardt mask quite closely, the younger siblings would deviate in the ways that I’ve described above.


With over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research, Dr. Cate can help you to reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body.

Please note: Please do not share personal medical information in a comment on our posts. It will be deleted due to HIPAA regulations.

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  1. As I was reading this section of the book, I was glancing at my youngest child who was born within two years of his elder sibling. Physically, he has many of the hallmarks of the second child syndrome–he’s smaller, thinner, more frail; he’s also had many ailments which began in utero. And since my harping on his carb intake, he’s began taking steps to reduce it.

    I also teach at a high school in a rather impoverished rural farm area in California and have the opportunity to see daily the effects of poor pre-natal nutrition as well as very obvious second child syndrome on a daily basis (I’ve had students who had a sibling in each grade at the high school). It’s made for an interesting secondary study throughout my day.

  2. I am fascinated by “Second Sibling”. I guess “Irish Twins” could be affected by it big time. An Irish Twin is a child born less than a year after his/her sibling! I looked over some family group shots taken of my grandfather and his EIGHT siblings and I think I see the “second sibling” thing going on in that generation. The younger sons had the “funny looking kid” thing going….huge ears, less pronounced cheek bones than the older siblings, and small, narrow chins. I also see it in photos of the siblings of my great-grandmother(There were nine, but only four survived to adulthood). Would you be interested in seeing these photos? I also have photos of my g-g grandfather and his sister and brother……several generations of German immigrant farm families of Southern Illinois. Many of these families had children with an eighteen to twenty year age span between the oldest and youngest. Mom must be pretty tired by the time the last few are born!

  3. This is so interesting. I didn’t even think about my own situation the first time I read this. I’m the third of four children and the only girl. There were 3 years between #1 and #2, and 2 years between #2 and me, #3. ( and 2 1/2 years between me and #4.) However, there was also a miscarriage just before me, so it seems my parents were trying to grow their family too fast. I’ve had by far the most health problems, both mental and physical. In addition, I only got 2 weeks of breastfeeding, as my mom had her appendix out and the doctor made her dry up her milk because she would be taking antibiotics, I guess.

    On the other hand, or maybe because of this, I’m the one who has had a lifelong interest in (obsession with?) nutrition and health. I’m glad I found your book. Finding Weston A. Price and everything that led to, including Dr. Cate, has changed my life for the better.

  4. Hey!
    I am a french 22 years old master degree business student. One of my grandfather (mother side) has especially excellent facial bone structure, despite the fact that he was born during war. He is doing the same work as his parents did: farmer. To be honest, I am not sure of which kind of diet he had during childhood. From what my grandparents told me, I don’t know if they had good quality sourdough bread. But I think that they were using butter when cooking.
    Howewer, they often consume meat on the bone (they own rabbits and poultry) and my grandfather like all kinds of cheese (though he makes the mistake of not eating the best ones we have in France because of price considerations). Our family also have all kinds of fruit trees, a little garden, and raw milk from grass fed cow (but still, you can’t imagine how we poorly realized how rich we are!). Only my twin brother and me strictly follow optimal diet guidelines.

    About me, I am certainly not ugly but my face is less masculine than that of my grandfather. Since few years, I have an excellent diet (sourdough whole rye bread, raw milk butter, best quality raw milk cheese, whole rice from Camargue, french quinoa, eggs, organ meat, Irish salmon, vegetables and fruits, everything organic).
    During my childhood, as almost all children, I often consumed processed food but probably less than average.
    I am writing a book which summarize main health issues with both anthropoligical, modern-day science, political and economical dimensions. It is quite long and hard to make a good book when we are so young. Maybe it is a bit too ambitious. I have 180 scientific references and 90 pages (Times New Roman, 12) at the moment.

    1. I think in France most of your food is, overall, better than ours here in the U.S. Europe is much better about keeping the amount of genetic modification, pesticide use, etc. reduced compared to us. Too many food manufacturers here are paying a lot of money into politicians’ campaigns, and it strongly affects the politics of the food supply here. 🙁

  5. Rose
    Thanks for your interesting observations. I didn’t realize oleo was was that readily available back in the early 1900s. Was your grandmother on the East coast?

  6. This is really interesting. I’m the second (of 10) sibling, born 1 year and 3 days after my sister. She definitely has more pleasing face and body ratios. We were both born in the late 40s, so mother probably ate better than some today, but she was still a margarine user exclusively (in contrast to HER mother who shunned “oleo” margarine even though the family was pretty poor). My flaws: my head is small relative to my body, my jaw narrow and teeth crowded and a little crooked (not straightened) in a square-shaped face. I’ve also been slightly overweight all my life, in contrast to my sister who was quite svelt at least until middle age.
    I certainly don’t begrudge my sister nor blame my mother–she did what she thought was best, but it’s interesting to have an explanation for the differences.

  7. Anne
    Once your growth plates are closed (by adulthood, usually) the skeleton/bones cannot change shape significantly. However your bones still benefit from Deep Nutrition because they stay denser, stronger, and less likely to get that hump in the upper back with age. And all soft tissues benefit: skin, ligaments, tendons, hair, nails, and even the fat under the skin because, when combined with exercise, it will grow better supported with fibrous connective tissue an less likely to get all cellulitey.

  8. Hi Catherine Shanahan,
    I am a Danish woman who have only just purchased your book “Deep Nutrition” and as a consequence have started eating according to the four pillars.
    I realize that a person can change her/his health to the better eating these traditional foods, but I am a bit confused about which aesthetic changes one can expect.
    Is it possible to actually change facial bone structure (second sibling syndrome), bodily bone structure etc.? Will the proportions of the face/body change eventually when eating these foods, or is the beauty acquired by this nutrition limited to say better skin, hair, nails aso.
    In advance thanks for your reply.
    Kind regards

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