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Polyunsaturated Fat And The Reason It Is Keeping Us Sick And Fat

Dr. Cate on: Polyunsaturated Fat and the Reason it is Keeping Us Sick and Fat

In this jam-packed episode, Connie Nightingale interviews Dr. Cate and talks about epigenetics, our medical system, and how one man’s thoughts turned the whole world into fat-a-phobiacs, polyunsaturated fats, PUFAs, and more!

Topics Discussed:

  • What you need to know about Epigenetics and our medical system now
  • How one man’s thoughts turned the whole world into fat-a-phobiacs
  • Why PUFAs are keeping us sick and interfering with our ability to burn fat.

With over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research, Dr. Cate can help you to reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body.

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