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Fat Is Not The Enemy

Dr. Cate on: Fat Is Not the Enemy

In this podcast episode with Dr. Michelle Gordon and Dr. Cate Shanahan, they talk about the dangers of seed oils and their history. They also discuss how saturated fat got labeled as ‘bad’ and the role that nutrition plays in migraines.

Topics Discussed:

  • Why do people lack nutritional training in medical school
  • Insulin resistance and the concept behind it
  • How did saturated fat get a bad name
  • Burning your body fat and giving your body energy is key to control
  • Why its Best to study the good effects of avoiding seed oils and getting healthy fats
  • How medical institutions are not open to understanding proper nutrition
  • What led Dr. Cate to do her research on what is a healthy diet
  • How to take control of your life nutrition-wise

With over two decades of clinical experience and expertise in genetic and biochemical research, Dr. Cate can help you to reverse metabolic disease and reshape your body.

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