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Be a Sustainable Omnivore! The Human Diet Promotes Human (and Environmental) Health

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  1. I just finished the audio book. I really enjoyed it and also found it extremely disturbing, but I’ve had something nagging at me which was somewhat deflected in the FAQ section.

    I recently changed my diet from whatever was nearby to mostly plant-based. I have been meaning to “eat better” and exercise for years, when I got myself some what in order financially. Well… I decided that I’m going to stop putting it off and act. I have been listening to another doctor promoting veganism for some time and began that path after the New Year.

    I’m going to incorporate bone broth which I’ve done here and there more often.

    My concern is this. I do not see how grass fed, pasture raised livestock is sustainable if the diet is adopted globally. The percent of land needed is quite substantial for food to feed the livestock. I believe “Cowspiracy” used a hypothetical example where all US citizens went pastured raised, which essentially covered North America. Although this is theoretical I would think the ultimate goal would be to encourage all people to pursue the intake of optimum nutrition for optimal health. Eventually that would be the end result. There are other factors such as portion size which can greatly affect the amount land and the head of livestock required.

    I was curious about your thoughts on that. [BTW, “Unforgiven” is one of my favorites. 🙂 ]

    I ultimately decided a plant-based path (now slightly modified 🙂 ) for health and environment reasons. Again thank you for the book.

    1. I don’t want to mix the two ideas: sustainability and health. If it turned out that we all need to eat olive oil to be optimally healthy, then we’d be out of luck! We’ve gone past the point of being able to produce enough olive oil to feed everyone. Still, if it were the case that we all needed to eat olive oil to be optimally healthy, I’d have to say so or I’d be misleading people. We first need to figure out what is healthy. I’m a doctor, that’s my job.

      The job of figuring out how to feed everyone, who gets fed well and who will be malnourished, is best left for policy makers.

      You might enjoy The Vegetarian Myth, which specifically refutes the idea the vegetarianism is more eco friendly.

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