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The Single Most Important Nutrition Docuseries of 2019


Start your new year with the ONE resolution that will change your life more than any other.

Not long ago, I was interviewed for a powerful docuseries called The Real Skinny on Fat, first released in early 2018. I am proud to be part of this docuseries along with so many experts in the area of real nutrition, including More than any other film, this docuseries exposed the depth of the misinformation around fats. The film was such a success that it’s being re-released this year to give us another chance to learn how one single change will improve our lives.

The Real Skinny on Fat focuses on how chronic diseases stem from the eating the wrong kinds of fats. You’ll hear from bestselling authors like Mark Sisson, Ben Greenfield and Nina Teicholz as well as medical doctors like Mark Hyman, Zach Bush, Jason Fung, Paul Greywall, and nutrition luminaries like Joesph Mercola, keto researchers like Dominique D’Agostino and Angela Poff and many more.

This docuseries will air January 15 and it’s completely ! FREE ! when you sign up here [SIGN UP FOR FREE ACCESS TO THE REAL SKINNY ON FAT]

All it takes to turn your health around is this one change, swapping out bad fats for good. But because bad fats are in so many foods, even health foods and five star restaurants, truly avoiding them means doing a lot of cooking for yourself.  And that is the ONE resolution that will change your life more than any other.

The hardest part of doing something is making the decision you can, because once you decide you can do something you become unstoppable. My hope is that in watching this docuseries you will find inspiration to do just that.

This docuseries is going to be re-released January 15, 2019. Be sure not to miss it!




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