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How to Lose Omental Fat – Burning Off Belly Flab, PERMANENTLY

Dr Oz Shows Oprah Where the Omental Fat Builds Up

If you have a big ‘ol belly, or even a smallish one but you are apple shaped (that was me), then you have two layers of stored fat around your middle instead of the normal single layer. You’ve got some normal under-the-skin fat, called subcutaneous fat, and then you’ve got some abnormal fat built up around your intestines, called omental fat. Healthy people have a thin layer of fat under their skin. But having fat around your intestines is not normal.

To learn how to get rid of it, it helps to know how it got there. This is my understanding of the process, in a short summary:

When you eat unhealthy foods, your body can’t manufacture normal fat carrying particles called lipoproteins. Without normally functioning lipoproteins, your body has a hard time transporting fat from place to place, so it tends to stay in the first place it ends up after a meal: Within the tissue that supply all of your intestines with blood, called the omentum. If your triglycerides are high and your HDL (“good” cholesterol) is low, that’s a sign that you have abnormal fat-carrying particles and are likely to be lugging around more omental fat than someone with the same size waistline who has low triglycerides and high HDL.

So if you want to get rid of omental fat, and trim your waistline, you have to do these two things:

1) Get your lipoproteins back to normal, and
2) Burn fat for energy.

If being healthy had the equivalent of a first rule of thermodynamics it would be this: What’s good for one part of your body is good for all other parts. So the same foods and activities that fix your lipoproteins will enable you to burn fat for energy and get rid of belly fat for good.

Isabel De Los Rios follows Deep Nutrition’s principles

For Deep Nutrition readers, Chapter 7 cover the kinds of foods that you need to eat to be optimally healthy from your head down to your toenails. For quickest weight loss, pay special attention to the rules of cooking meat to maximize the protein value, and to the use of fermented and sprouted foods in addition to lots of fresh foods especially vegetables. And though I don’t discuss omental fat in detail, keep in mind that thanks to the first rule of food-o-dynamics, the same diet that will make your bones, brain, and babies healthy will also burn belly flab the most effectively. Chapter 8 explains the sources of “secret” trans fat and how they make your lipoprotiens unstable, while chapter 9 helps you recognize how much you are eating in the way of carbs, and what to expect in addition to the loss of belly flab by cutting your carbs down as low as you can go. And in Chapter 10, you’ll learn how all those cells full of nasty fat can actually work for you to help build brain, bone, muscle cells, and more!

And you can read more about the T.R.I.M. program weight-loss approach, which burns belly flab and builds muscle, bone, and brain power, at

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