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Recommended Supplements
August 26, 2020

Supplements Dr Cate Recommends

Supplements: I recommend the top 5 (1-5) to everyone. Scroll down to see if you might need more. Smart supplementation: Vitamins, minerals, and superfoods (see below). Most (but not all) other supplements are a waste of your good money at best and harmful at worst. Vitamins EVERYONE Needs 1) Multivitamin How much? As close to 100% of the RDA of as many vitamins as possible, including C. Too much C can be harmful. Brand example: Mason One a Day has 100% of more vitamins than any other brand, other brands are imbalanced with too much of some and not enough…

July 8, 2008

The Lipid Cycle

If you were told your "bad" cholesterol is high, before you change your diet, it's useful to know that in reality cholesterol particles are neither "good" nor "bad."
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