Repair Your Metabolism For a Better Life.

Above are the four vitamins and minerals I take and often recommend.

Let me share why I picked each product

Multivitamin: This is the ONLY multivitamin I can find that has 100% of the RDA of a bunch of vitamins as opposed to 3333% of one and 10% of another. It’s dirt cheap.

Vitamin D: Naturally extracted rather than synthetically derived, in an olive oil base. The RDA for adults is a peazly 400 i.u.which does not get people into the normal range. 2000-4000 per day will likely get your levels between 30 and 50 ng/ml if you don’t get any additional sun.

Zinc: 30 mg is the lowest dose you can find that’s not super expensive and I recommend biting it in half. The RDA for men and women is 11mg and 8mg respectively, and the upper tolerable limit is 40mg. Too much gives many people digestive upset.

Magnesium: Mag Ox is the most compact form of mag you can find. Others claim to be more bioavailable but they’re at best 10 or 20% more bioavailable and roughly 5x the size, which makes them too large to swallow so you have to take several. Not worth the hassle if you ask me. The RDA is roughly 400mg for men and 300 for women.

Minerals I recommend for people with diet restrictions or picky eaters.

Iodine, for vegans and folks who won’t eat seaweed.

Calcium, between 250 and 500mg daily, for folks who don’t do dairy. Not coral calcium. BTW, butter/ghee has almost no calcium so if that’s the only dairy you do, consider supplementation.

That’s all, folks!