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Thank you for your interest in speaking with Dr. Cate!

We have recently started offering a limited number of virtual (by telephone/zoom) appointments.

We do not currently offer in-person appointments unless you are an ABC employee.

Dr. Cate will call you on your phone at the appointment if you do not want to use Zoom.

If you do want to use Zoom, you will get Dr. Cate’s Zoom link in an appointment reminder email 24 hours before the visit and Dr. Cate will admit you into the room at the time of your appointment.


The first visit will likely require 60 minutes unless you have a very focused question.

First visit: 30 minutes $250 or 60 minutes $400

Subsequent visits: 30 minutes $200 or 60 minutes $400.

Payment shortly after the visit is appreciated. Preferred methods are Zelle or personal written checks. The address will be provided during the visit.

Please Be Prepared

Please have the following information available: medications, including dosages, and supplements that you take. If you wish to discuss any blood tests or other test results, please have those available as well.

Dr. Cate will review your records during the appointment. Please label materials so that she can identify documents easily, including screenshots, images of your supplements, etc. Unlabeled screenshots may not be reviewed.

Take notes! Please make sure to take notes on what is important to you. Dr. Cate’s own notes usually include things you already know and not things she already knows.


Dr. Cate is the ultimate preventative medical doctor and loves working with people who are goal-oriented and motivated to make positive changes. She specializes in helping people correct medical conditions related to nutritional problems that most physicians don’t understand.

For example, many folks are overweight, diabetic (type 2) or prediabetic, have diagnosed hypertension, fatty liver, thyroid issues, gout and/or kidney stores and gallbladder problems. Along with that, undiagnosed conditions often include atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, early heart failure (called diastolic dysfunction), memory declines, and other conditions that may be just beginning. All of these conditions respond to dietary improvements, and many can be nearly completely reversed.


Virtual appointments are not for the purposes of providing medical advice, but rather limited to discussion of nutrition’s impact on metabolism and health in order to remain in compliance with current telehealth laws. During the visit, Dr. Cate will draw on her decades of medical experience and metabolic expertise, offer her opinion and insights on prescription medications, cholesterol levels, other lab tests and provide general information on previously diagnosed conditions and testing that may be done to assess those conditions, but Dr. Cate is unable to provide what would be considered specific medical advice unless you are located in the state of FL.

By clicking here, to access the online scheduler, you acknowledge that you have read the above disclaimer.

Please use the link above to access the online scheduler.

On the welcome page, hit next.

On the Choose Your Appointment Type page, select either 30 or 60 minutes, then hit next.

On the Time page, select the day and time of your choice, then hit next.

On the Your Information page please enter the information and comment on whether you’d prefer zoom with video or phone.

Be sure to hit SAVE to save your scheduled appointment.

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