Repair Your Metabolism For a Better Life.

Thank you for your interest in speaking with Dr. Cate!


We have recently started offering a limited number of virtual (by telephone/skype/zoom) appointments are available each week. Dr. Cate regretfully cannot see members of the public in person at her current office location.


Cost is $400 for 60 minutes, $250 for 30 minutes. Payment shortly after the visit is appreciated. Preferred methods are apple pay, personal written check or paypal.


Please Be Prepared

Please have the following information available: medications, including dosages, and supplements that you take. If you wish to discuss any blood tests or other test results, please have those available as well.



Virtual appointments are not for the purposes of providing medical advice, but rather limited to discussion of nutrition’s impact on metabolism and health. During the visit, Dr. Cate will draw on her decades of medical experience and metabolic expertise, offer her opinion and insights on prescription medications, cholesterol levels, other lab tests and provide general information on previously diagnosed conditions and testing that may be done to assess those conditions, but to remain in compliance with current telemedicine laws, Dr, Cate is unable to provide specific medical advice to anyone located outside the state of FL at the time of the call or order certain testing herself.


By clicking here, to access the online scheduler, you acknowledge that you have read the above disclaimer.



Please use the link above to access the online scheduler.

On the welcome page, hit next.

On the Choose Your Appointment Type page, select either 30 or 60 minutes (group classes not currently available outside of ABC), then hit next.

On the Location page, select Phone or Video/I will call you, then hit next. 

On the Time page, select the day and time of your choice, then hit next.

On the Your Information page please enter the information and comment on whether you’d prefer video or audio. For video calls, Dr Cate will send a zoom link a few minutes prior to the visit. Be sure to hit SAVE