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FAQs about fats, oils and omega-3 -6 -9 supplements:

Visit the FAQ section towards the bottom of this page: 


What can I eat when dining out?

Here’s my fast food and sit down a restaurant survival guide to minimize your exposure to toxic fats and get the best food for your money


How do I find seed-oil free products?


Here’s my alphabetized shopping guide. I live in FL so, hopefully, it translates to other states.


What supplements should I be taking?


I’ve was banned from a few podcasts for publishing my opinion on this in The FATBURN Fix, but most supplements are a waste of money. Here’s my short list of recommended vitamins, minerals and superfoods.


Don’t see your question?


Please post your question as a comment under my latest post. My latest post can be found at the top of this page. Please click on the title of the latest post to access the post. Then scroll down that page to find the DISQUS form. Thank you for your cooperation!

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