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Dr. Cate Shanahan is the leading authority on nutrition and human metabolism. A board-certified Family Physician with over 20 years of clinical experience, and NY Times bestselling author of The FatBurn Fix, Deep Nutrition and Food Rules, her expertise is fixing the underlying problems that cause metabolic damage and inflammation, leading to autoimmunity, weight gain, diabetes, cancer and accelerated aging processes. Her passion is helping people feel their best.

Metabolic Conditions Dr. Cate Helps to Prevent & Reverse

  • Overweight and obesity
  • Prediabetes and diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune diseases (inflammatory bowel, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, lupus)
  • Cholesterol and blood lipid issues
  • Hypertension
  • Arthritis
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Fatty liver
  • Neuropathy
  • Headache
  • Poor circulation
  • Macular degeneration
  • Asthma
  • Allergies

After getting her BS in biology from Rutgers University, she trained in biochemistry and genetics at Cornell University’s graduate school before attending Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. She practiced in Hawaii for ten years where she studied ethnobotany and her healthiest patient’s culinary habits. She applied her learning and experiences in all these scientific fields to write Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food. Together with Dr. Tim DiFrancesco and NBA legend Gary Vitti, she created the PRO Nutrition program for the LA Lakers and helped forge a partnership between Whole Foods Market and numerous NBA teams. In May of 2018 she begin  Director of Metabolic Health for ABC Fine Wine and Spirits, a progressive, family-run company interested in saving money by the betterment of health.

She’s also the Medical & Scientific Advisor at CB Supplements, overseeing their premium-grade multi collagen protein, and for beliv, a forward-thinking Latin American beverage company. 

Dr Cate at the LA Lakers Wall of Fame
The Lakers are continuing the PRO Nutrition Program based on Deep Nutrition Principles. Go Lakers!


“…[W]e trust Dr. Cate implicitly. I’ve seen great results from it from when I started doing it last year.” 

          – Kobe Bryant, LA Lakers? (1)

” Everything they’re telling us, one, it makes sense, and two, [Shanahan] has science to back it up….I used to have stiffness in my knees, but not anymore. I’m sticking with it. I’ve noticed a change.” 

          – Steve Blake, LA Lakers (2,3)

“I like [PRO Nutrition] I think it’s good for everybody…because it prolongs our lives, and generations after us will be healthier because we eat healthy. It really helped me with endurance [and] I started to feel better as a player. I was able to run more, I was able to be more active because of my diet change, and I just decided to keep going with it to this day. I can tell once I’ve [cheated], my body feels different.” 

           – Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets (4,5)

“I’ve definitely noticed my joints aren’t as sore, aren’t as stiff when I wake up.” 

           – Chris Kaman (6)

“Dr. Cate celebrates the deep connection to nature that food provides, and beautifully illuminates the scientific realities of that connection.”

           – Jason Wachob Founder & Co-CEO, mindbodygreen 

“Working with Dr. Shanahan, I’ve radically changed my diet. I can’t tell you how much better I feel: tons more energy and a minor stomach pot is disappearing fast. I’m calmer and getting restful sleep, which I’d about resigned myself to doing without for the rest of my life. Incidentally, my high blood pressure is decent for a change and those annoying, stubborn skin rashes are next in line for full attention. Knee and neck pain from long ago injuries are gone; my joints are looser and more flexible. I’m happy as a clam. Health and longevity are vital interests of mine. “I’ve got to live a long time so I can write my books,” is what I say. Plus I’m addicted to feeling good, my blessedly lucky state for most of my life.”

           – JoAnne Lordahl, Kaui resident and Author Princess Ruth

WE CANNOT BELIEVE THE CHANGES! My parents call us to talk about buying grass-fed liver and to brag about their awesome food and lifestyle upgrades. I am SO HAPPY that you were able to help them transition. We got such a kick out of the phone calls) – “Did you know that sugar feeds cancer?” I am more than impressed by the depth and bredth of Dr. Shanahan’sknoweldge. More importantly, as the daughter of one of her patients – I am amazed by her effectiveness.  Dr. Shanahan listens carefully to my mother’s concerns and clearly shares and explains health-saving information. In a few short weeks, my mother transformed from a life-long junk food eater to a nutritional maven. She is losing excess weight, showing large improvements in her blood work and – most critically – strengthening the systems of her body to help her as she undergoes chemotherapy and surgery in her ongoing fight against cancer. As a family, we are fortunate beyond measure to have Dr. Cate in our corner!

           – Lizzie Harris McCormick, PhD. Long Island City, NY

I have suffered from plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis and a myriad of other sports injuries off and on for 30 years. I always attributed it to running too much, being active, getting older etc. etc. Not only did Dr Cate heal my ailing joint and tendons but my skin looks amazing! That coupled with the anti- inflammatory diet has cleared up my adult cystic acne as well and we are well into the dog days of summer in Atlanta. Usually by this time of year my skin is a mess as and I am happy to say it looks and feels great. My body feels happy!

           – Pattie Blohm, Milton, GA

In a matter of six weeks I lost six pounds, my blood sugars are in much better control, my blood pressure dropped from the 140/80 range to 112/72, I feel much less hungry and have a lot more energy. I’m not really eating a lot less, but rather a lot different.

           – M Davis, Manchester, NH

Articles about Dr. Cate and her professional athletes:
Dwight Howard:

Here’s part 2, about Paleo/Primal:


“Nearly every disease I see is the inevitable product of a deranged metabolism. When metabolism is imbalanced it allows accumulating life stress (emotional, toxic, infectious) to divert your health down a wrong turn. Our first order of business working together is to get your metabolism turned around and back onto the safe road.

“While technologic interventions and pharmaceuticals work well as a last resort of after injuries and accidents, rehabilitation of a distressed metabolism requires a holistic, natural approach using a host of natural modalities. I’m excited to join forces with Primal Blueprint because I believe Mark Sisson and his team present the most sensible and effective strategies to enjoy real-world success with eating strategy, exercise success, stress management, and overall optimal gene expression.”

– Dr. Cate Shanahan

Mark Sisson interviews Dr Cate at his home in Malibu

Mark Sisson interviews Dr Cate at his home in Malibu

Dr. Cate writes about the experiences that lead her to write Deep Nutrition and Food Rules:

In high school I competed in cross country and track at an international level and earned myself a four-year college athletic scholarship and an invitation to the Olympic trials for the 1500m race. But in college, my once-indestructible body started falling apart.

Sports Injuries I Suffered From

  • Shin splints
  • Achilles tendonitis
  • Illeotibial band syndrome
  • Patello-femoral pain
  • Ankle impingement syndrome
  • Pulled muscles

I was almost as intrigued with trying to solve the mystery of why I was the team member who kept getting sidelined by shin splints, tendonitis, and other sports injuries as I was frustrated by the fact of being injured. To learn more, after graduating I enrolled in Cornell University’s Molecular Biology program in hopes of somehow getting to the root of recurring sports injuries and being able to help competitive athletes like myself.

That was in the 1980s, when biotechnology was in its adolescence. I soon learned that genes are every bit as dynamic and alive as you and I, responding on a minute to minute basis to the world around them, and it was obvious to me that technology would never evolve to the point where it could keep up with the complexity of our inner biology. So I left graduate school to attend medical school in hopes of getting to the root of illness from the clinical angle.

Medical School Does Not Get to the Root of Illness

I started med school knowing that malnutrition could change human DNA, but by the time I left I’d learned so little about nutrition that I pretty much forgot about my goal of getting to the root of illness. I did learn that the problems I had could all be attributed to weak collagen in my joints and muscles, but had no idea why this problem affected me and not any of my parents or grandparents.

Only when I relocated to Hawaii, the state with the longest lifespan in the US, did I realize that I was immersed in a culture of healthy people who could teach me the secrets of what I’ve come to call “genetic wealth.”

Common External Signs of Genetic Wealth (Men and Women)

  • Strong joints
  • Fertility
  • No grey hair by age 50
  • Strong nails
  • Limbs proportioned according to the Golden Ratio
  • Long nose, high cheekbones, full lips, and strong jaw

Many of my patients were employed at the Hawaiian resorts. These women, in their 50s and 60s, worked all day long lifting, scrubbing, bending, reaching, and then when they got home they kept on going, making dinner for their husbands or chasing after the grandchildren they cared for. These women typically had beautiful skin, supple joints, and few if any grey hairs. Every last one had grown up in a rural area where they were raised as their parents and grandparents had been on home-grown fresh foods prepared according to simple traditional culinary techniques.

Traditional food is not what we think it is.

Some of the poorest people in the world eat the best foods. We call them subsistence farmers and uneducated, but they are masters of self sufficiency and posses skills that few of of us educated in America can even understand.

Everything I learned about diet in medical journals was turned on its head by my experience in Hawaii. Animals are actually easier to raise than vegetables, requiring only pastureland and water, and so many of my patients also raised their own goats, pigs, and chickens, and caught fish. I realized I was seeing firsthand the kinds of practical food-gathering, storing, and cooking solutions that our ancestors used throughout history; I was learning the foods that made us human.

Over the years I spent in Hawaii, I studied culinary traditions practiced by my patients, and found a world of delicious food and incredible sources of nutrients that is hidden from most Americans. I wrote Deep Nutrition to describe the connections I’d discovered between food and beauty and genes and health.

I hope you find it useful.


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This Post Has 135 Comments

  1. Then how come countries with less consumption of seed oils don’t have the same issues America has?

  2. The fact that she has 1000’s of patients that have lost weight and kept it off and have an abundance of energy have reversed issues like cancer and autoimmune issues. Yes, totally a shill.

  3. They didn’t have chronic illnesses. The died of acute issues like the flu, tuberculosis, and enteritis.Things that we have cures for and we also have refrigerators. We also have dramatically better living conditions than they did in the 1800’s and early 1900’s. Now, the top ten reasons people die are caused by what you put into your mouth over decades rather than something you catch or from eating spoiled food.

  4. I’m trying to wrap my head around the claim that we should get back to the way we used to eat in prior generations, when we were “healthier”, yet the life expectancy in 1900 in the United States was below 50 years old! How do you reconcile the two?

  5. I know I am so sorry it’s a totally different disease. They really should not be named so similarly as they have almost nothing in common!

  6. There is actually a LOT of science, which backs Dr. Cate’s message. Just google it and you will find it. I got rid of my hypertension by fixing my fatty acid balance. In three weeks. Furthermore, my skin condition (suffered from atopic skin type all my life) got much better and I also slept much better. It’s all about killing the chronic inflammation and making your cell membranes fluid again. That’s it. Everything Dr. Cate says in Bill Maher’s interview, is true and can be backed by science. This may be shocking to most people but then again, this is not about beliefs and opinions. If you’re looking for more scientific facts, please check this blog for starters. It’s written by another Doctor, Paul Clayton and he’s pretty much the father of pharmaco-nutrition and has been studuing these things for decades.

    And if you want more info, please get in touch with me and I am happy to provide you more 🙂

  7. This seems like another industry funded speaker who’s primary job is to push meat consumption and try to end the vegan surge. Gross and obvious promotion of supplements is always a good giveaway that her heart isn’t in helping people.

  8. I was told to begin a Keto diet plan in order to reduce visceral fat, Saw Dr Cate on Bill Mahr’s show and Im thinking, gee I sure would like to get her thumbs up on this diet plan before I start it. Would any of you commentators happen to know if Dr. Cate’s main points align with the Keto diet?

  9. I saw you on Bill Mahar and I am so disappointed that a medical doctor does not differentiate between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Those with Type 1 DO NOT get diabetes because they ate some sugar or oil. It is unfair to lump those with T1 with those with T2. It is not the same disease and those with T1 cannot control their disease with what they eat.

  10. I’ve lived in CA, NY and am now living in GA. Depending on what grocery store you go to then YES, most is 95% fat free. IF you buy your ground beef from Walmart then you are indeed right, there is very little 95% fat free. Unbelievable you are willing to be so vile to such a respected doctor based on your narrow grocery store shopping. Why not ask , what store chains sell mostly 95% ground beef?

  11. We all need to remember that the science of molecular biology, especially gene expression, is barely out of its infancy, just entering toddler-hood. The immune system is the most complex of all bodily systems. It is not one system but a system of systems, all of it molecular and difficult to study. Everything known will fill a thick textbook, but that book will be just the opening chapter in what we hope will come. We cannot expect medical miracles when we don’t understand what is going on in enough detail.

  12. She could have been thinking fast, trying to get a word in edgewise in between Maher’s incessant chatter.

  13. I saw Dr. Cate on Bill Maher and bought her shorter book on nutrition. I’ll give her advice (most if not all) a try. Her point about vegetable oils is very interesting. But I doubt her claim that in seemingly healthy younger people veg. oils alone account for severe cases of covid-19. Certainly, as in all health matters, genetics play a major role. Nonetheless, I think she has something to offer and look forward to reading her book.

  14. My BS sensor goes off any time someone connects immune system to just about anything. What is the measure, the metric you use to tell us what is the right “amount “ of inflammation?

  15. That is also nonsense. I shop at a local whole foods competitor. Their prices are a little higher but I’m not enriching Bezos and the produce is more locally sourced.

    I bought some 85/15 ground beef last week.

  16. Yes, she has wealthy clients and is wealthy so she shops at Whole Foods and other high end stores which don’t carry fatty meat like that. Not that complicated.

  17. Why does she have to spread false information to make that point?

    If that doesn’t concern you, I don’t know what to tell you friend.

  18. The ground beef comment was just another way of saying you need more animal fat in your diet. Is that all you have?

  19. Actually OP pointed to a very specific basis for his disagreement: Dr. Cate erroneously claimed only 95% ground beef is readily available. This is flat out false.

    Now, a thinking person can take this piece of false information and make one of two conclusions:

    1) Dr. Cate is knowingly lying to try to bolster her point. This doesn’t bode well for her credibility.
    2) Dr. Cate is wildly wrong on this very basic piece of information. This doesn’t bode well for her credibility.

    Do you have an alternate explanation to put forth? That seems like a pretty clear basis for disagreement.

  20. Because he listened to what she said and recognized it doesn’t reflect reality?

    What a strange comment.

  21. The ground beef line made me chuckle at it’s stupidity, but I wasn’t completely sure Dr. Cate is a dangerous quack until she claimed “I doubt anyone who hasn’t had seed oils in five years has fallen sick with corona” without any evidence to back up such a bold claim.

    Speaking of oils…snake oil anyone?

  22. Based on what? Because you say so? The ground beef comment was just another way of saying you need more animal fat in your diet. You should get your anger in check, dude….

  23. Wow dude get a brain. I find Trump to be lowlife scum. I just don’t like bull shitters trying sell books.

  24. Dear Cate,

    Saw you on Bill Maher tonight. You made the statement that diabetics are responsible for their own disease. As a doctor/nutritionist, I would think you’d know the difference between Type 1 and Type 2 diabetics, but let me explain as most of the general public don’t know either.

    Insulin is produced by the pancreas in the body. Insulin regulates blood sugar. If you think of cells in your body as having a trap door, insulin opens that door to allow nutrition into the cells. When insulin is absent, The door stays closed and glucose sugar (food that everyone eats is turned to glucose to nourish the cells in the body) spills into the bloodstream and causes damage to the small blood vessels in toes, eyes, fingers, kidneys etc.

    Type 2 diabetics become insulin resistant. It takes more and more insulin to open the trap doors to the cells. Type 2 is usually associated with being overweight, causing the resistance.

    Type 1 diabetics are genetically predisposed to a virus that destroys beta cells in the pancreas, where insulin is produced. It is not caused by eating incorrectly.

    Type 1 diabetics have enough problems with the general public (and uneducated doctors) thinking they developed diabetes because the ate too much candy when they were kids. Hopefully you will consider this before making generalizations on national TV.

  25. Saw you on Bill Maher tonight. You made the comment that those with diabetes were responsible for their own disease. Let me say that I took great issue with that and you need to understand the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes (as a doctor/nutritionist, I would think you would know). My daughter contracted type 1 diabetes when she was 8 years old. It wasn’t because she was eating incorrectly. It was because type 1 diabetics are genetically predisposed to a virus that attacks and destroys the beta cells (which produce insulin in the pancreas). Now type 1 diabetics get enough crap from people who think kids get diabetes from eating too much candy. They fight the disease their entire lives, and need support from the medical community…not scorn.

  26. Hi, I am 53 and obese with major back problems. Operated to fuse L4 and L5 and I am still inconstant pain and don’t workout and eat only three meals bcs my husband monitors my food intake. My work is stressful and I am raising 13yo.
    What do you suggest I do to get myself healthy again?
    Walk everyday
    Stop all sugars
    Lite salt
    Use only olive oil to cook
    Eat salads
    Lean Meat
    And once in awhile a fruit

  27. Wow I really hope this comment is a joke but I suspect it is not. Ultra lean ground beef is indeed the norm in many grocery stores, though if you look hard you can find the 85% fat free kind as well USUALLY. I have actually had the same problem as her, and her further point about fat free dairy products being nearly ubiquitous also stands. Also, fully discrediting this person over one statement that diverts from your own experience in a very different part of the country than the urban areas where Dr. Cate most usually shops is completely irrational.

  28. Dr Cate I saw you tonite on Bill Maher’s show. I was interested in what you had to say concerning diet and health. Unfortunately you lost all credibility when you made the statement that the ground meat that’s available at the supermarket is 95% fat free. You must be living on different planet from the rest of us. In fact after hearing that I rather doubt you have even been to a supermarket at all. Maybe because I live in the midwest we have a more varied selection than what’s available in Florida but I rather doubt that. The majority of markets here have a selection of ground meat with very little of it being 95% fat free. It’s unfortunate that you’re a bull shitter which makes me think that whatever you’re peddling is based on shoddy and inaccurate research.

  29. […] was transformed on to primal/ancesteral health and wellness. The tale focused on Dr. Cate Shanahan as well as her collaborate with the LA Lakers. The entire collection of write-ups led me to a […]

  30. Hello, MSII from UTH Houston. What is best evidence regarding DHA or omega-3 supplementation for pregnancy? Currently reading Deep Nutrition in between finals! Pg 168 talks about the oxidation potential of fish oil. I started on this chapter and apologize if I missed the recommendation, but any advice on where evidence is at currently with supplementation for pregnant women ?

    1. The evidence would be confounded by the fact that the designers of such studies don’t generally consider the oxidation of the fish oil. So really we’re dealing with a situation where our best ‘evidence’ comes from what people used to do. We used to get plenty of fat from grass fed animals and wild caught fish ! (as well as flax oil and other fresh cold pressed seed oils, but in much smaller amounts.) Butter and cheese and other dairy fat are some of the cheapest and tastiest ways to get not just omega-3 but also K2 and CLA. And much yummier than fish oil.

  31. Hello Dr. Cate, Getting closer to 40 I am beginning to think about prostate health. I was hoping to see your take on this.

  32. I read Food Rules in 2014 and it was incredible. I agreed with every rule and wanted to know why you thought that way. So I read Deep Nutrition. It was riveting. I was at the edge of my seat from beginning to end. This book changed my life, and now I own your beautiful new edition. Thank you.

    Two days ago I listened to and watched the slides in your recent webinar. But, did I hear you right? This fermented cod liver oil I have been taking because I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis is actually harming my mitochondria?

    The Weston Price folks highly recommend this supplement, the only supplement I use. Should I be eating salmon or something instead?

    1. HI Bunny! Great question. Yes you heard right: All liver oils have the POTENTIAL to degrade over time, like 30 days, because they contain so many of the most fragile fatty acids. But careful manufacturing can make a big difference. If manufacturers who take pains to create a higher quality product were willing to describe their procedure for preventing oxidative damage, which is different than enzymatic damage, then we consumers could get more clarity on which brands are worth buying. Until then, we’re just guessing. So that’s why I personally do not take the stuff. I get my omega-3 fats from grass fed dairy. AND a recent article suggests that simply cutting out vegetable oils without increasing omega-3 intake will prevent the destruction of the omega-3 fats already in your diet. This alone can make a huge difference to your body’s supply of omega-3, thus optimizing mitochondrial function and neurologic health.

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  34. […] all month long to give you a taste of what this event was all about. Today’s lecture is from Denver family physician and author of “Deep Nutrition” Dr. Cate Shanahan who will be sharing her lecture entitled “Practical Lipid Management for […]

  35. We have seen similar results to those Lita discusses, so I look forward to your answers to her specifics.

  36. I Just got the following results. After 3 months on a ketogenic diet (5% carbs, 15 -20% ptotein, 75 – 80% fat) and fasting regime and 13 kg weight loss. Now i was expecting higher cholesterol but this shocked me. Even my triglycerides went up which very much surprised me and hdl went only slightly up. Everything is worse. All ratios are worse.

    Total – 7.7/298
    Hdl – 1.2/46
    Ldl – 5.9/228
    Trig – 1.4/124

    Feeling absolutely deflated after so much work. Could i be one of those this doesn’t work for?

    Previous results from 27 july are following 3 month on conventional low fat diet and 11 kg loss at that time. Everything was better with the exception of hdl which was 1.1.

    Total – 5.2

    Hdl – 1.1

    Trig – 0.9

    Ldl – 3.7

    What’s going on? What could explain these results. I’ve been so successful in terms of weight loss and how i feel but these numbers are scary.

    I have not had a HbA1c done but my fasting glucose was as follows

    27/7/16 – 4.9 nmol/L
    25/11/16 – 4.3 nmol/L
    I realise you cannot give personalised advise, but just looking for some general information on this phenomenon. I have had a few hints e.g. fat mobilisation due to weight loss and Ldl subfractions.

    I am most baffled by my trigs going up? Is it the saturated fat? Research had convinced me this was good for me.

    kind regards Lita

    1. Wondering how much you are exercising because we had similar numbers changes and I was wondering it if was because our exercise was insufficient (it was, and we just started seriously lifting and boxing again). Hope you get an answer! Say,I have read that high cholesterol in women, esp of a certain age, was considered healthy, but I don’t know…

  37. Hi. You said in one of your books that you shouldn’t worry about eating salt. I was wondering what your opinion on kidney stones are. My mother has had them and I’ve been lead to believe that one of the things that cause them is salt. What is your opinion on the cause and would you recommend staying away from salt or anything in particular.. any preventions?

    my second inquiry is simply that of being a skeptic. I read your books and I’m reasonably convinced of what your saying. however, saying that saturated fats and cholesterol are good for you is practically the opposite of what the average person seems to believe. I’m not the best at reviewing the sources in your books. I’ve done some research and it seems probable that at least some of what your saying has truth to it. Is there further reading you can recommend that would allow me to try and understand the process? Anything in particular that really stuck out at you and made you really firmly believe this? I currently eat a lot of eggs and I add a fair amount of pure butter with many things I cook. but.. I still feel skeptical and I really only believe you because it makes more sense to me then what a lot of people believe. but I’m still unsure at this point.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    1. I see more people running into trouble with low sodium than high. If something is too salty we tend to spit it out.

      As for what make me start thinking this way, it was really the simple connections I made between sugar being sticky and causing internal molecular bonds that end up disrupting everything that make me realize there was a wealth of health to be gained from avoiding blood sugar-elevating foods. Also when I checked references on medical literature, there was a lot of sloppy science.

      Beyond that, the real source of security that you have found the truth should come from asking yourself do you trust nature or do you trust the new and the technical. Everything that I say comes from and aligns with the trust of nature.

  38. Dr Cate,

    I couldn’t find a good way to get in contact with you but you’re active here so I’ll give it a shot.

    I would be very interested in interviewing you on the bFitandLive podcast which is currently in the New and Noteworthy in iTunes. I see you’ve recently given a talk on supplements and how people are tricked into buying them. I really like your approach and philosophies on health/wellness and would be honored to have you on as a featured guest on our podcast located here:

    You can reach me at phi at bFitandLive dot com

    1. Hi Phil

      I’ll reply via email but in case anyone has a similar contact question here’s the answer: Please call my office (anytime) with your message at 707 251 3690. During office hours my receptionist will answer or after hours the answering service will, either way someone will pass your name and contact information on to me!

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