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The Real Skinny on Fat Documentary Episode 1: The Beginning of The End

If video does not work, please click here to view on YOUTUBE Today’s obesity and disease epidemics originate in the 1950s. This point in history was a pivotal moment, when our health philosophy shifted from one of trusting our senses and tradition to one of trust in distant authority. Find out how President Eisenhower’s heart

FatBurning Man Interviews Dr Cate
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Why Vegetable Oils are Toxic and Why Kobe Drinks Bone Broth

  Have you heard all the rage about bone broth? From Gwyneth Paltrow to Kobe Bryant, big time celebs are hopping on the broth train. Not to mention, our guest this week helped Dwight Howard conquer sugar addiction. You’re about to learn how. Coming up on the show, you’ll learn: Why vegetable oil is a

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