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COVID-19 Cases Up in FL, But Hospitalizations Slower to Rise

According to this website, we have about 5,000 new COVID cases being diagnosed daily as of early Nov 2020, about as much as before the big peak at the end of June and after the big peak in the beginning of August.

According to this website, we have roughly 2500 folks in the hospital due to COVID throughout the state, which is less than 1/3 the hospitalizations in August. (This information is not available for June).

Some experts believe this pattern, which is reflective of what’s happening in many locations, suggests the cases are getting milder. And research evidence suggests that as well.

Why would the coronavirus cases be less serious now than back in April and May?

Universal Masking May Be Making COVID-19 Cases Milder

Masking lowers the dose of virus people inhale. When everyone is wearing surgical masks, the dose of viruses is reduced by more than 99%. A lower dose dramatically reduces the seriousness of the infection, which is something we’ve understood about infections for many years, and experts say this lower inoculation dose may be why most people now are experiencing minimal symptoms.

Surgical Masks More Effective Than Expected:

Reduce inhaled virus by 6 fold (to 1/6th, or ~83% reduction)

Reduce exhaled virus by 3-4 fold (to 1/3 or 1/4 ~ 66-75% reduction)

BOTH WEARING SURGICAL MASKS: Reduce virus particle numbers by 6-24 fold  ~83-99% reduction)


Single Layer Cloth Way Better Than Nothing:

BOTH WEARING Reduce virus particle numbers by 1/3-1/4 (66-75% reduction)

Double Layer Tshirt As effective as N-95 Mask


Prevent COVID Complications by Cutting Seed Oils

The sooner you stop eating these high-PUFA, inflammation and blood clot promoting fats, the more likely you’ll fend of COVID fast and without complications. Visit my PUFA-Project Page for information on the connection between seed oils, inflammation, blood clots and more.

Vaccine Expert Issues Warnings On COVID VACCINE

Prof William Haseltine, whose long career at Harvard made him one of the most well-respected American Scientists, and definitely not an anti-Vaxxer, warns that we’re not going to have enough data on the COVID vaccine safety or effectiveness before their release unless things change. He calls the whole idea of vaccines for COVID into question because he believes masking is a better, safer method of accomplishing the same goal. Personally, I think there’s a lot of logic in what he’s saying. Read his article here

And watch him speak on (an educational site for Medical Doctors) here


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