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Fat Adapted Athletes Perform Better w/ Mike Mutzel

Mike Mutzel from High Intensity Health flew to Morrison CO with his crew to discuss the science behind real food-based, low-carb diets and sports performance. Additionally, we discuss the Four Pillars (common findings) of all healthy human diets. ? Listen to the Audio in iTunes:

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  • Jord

    Please explain how athletes perform better, when every study measuring performance shows significant reductions?

    Also, if athletes perform better on this diet, it must be coincidence that the Lakers plummeted down the rankings after you were appointed?

  • Chris

    I loved reading Deep Nutrition. One question I have is related to dairy. I get that we should choose raw, grass fed dairy, but so many other diets (Paleo, Bulletproof, Whole30) exclude all dairy except for Ghee. Are they wrong? Why is your human diet different in this way? Thanks!

    • HI Chris! Glad you enjoyed our book! Dairy is much maligned and misunderstood. Bottom line is there’s no reason to avoid dairy unless you are lactose intolerant or have an allergy–including an autoimmune related allergy (but this needs to be assessed properly, not flippantly by misusing the IgG testing, as I see happening too often). BTW, in the new edition of Deep Nutrition (released Jan 2017) I cover these and other concerns commonly raised regarding dairy.

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