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Female athletes are encouraged to eat too much sugar.

female athletes are encouraged to overeat sugar

A recent Medscape article entitled Nutrition for the Female Athlete makes the startling claim that young women engaged in gymnastics, distance running, diving, figure skating and ballet “commonly have inadequate nutritional intake.”

This brought my attention to one of the references supporting that statement, a 2013 article called “Dietary Intakes and Eating Habits of College Athletes: Are Female College Athletes Following the Current Sports Nutrition Standards?” In that article, they cite their own research into the macronutrient intakes of female college athletes. They claim that seventy five percent of the women they studied “failed to consume the minimum amount of carbohydrates that is required to support training.” Women in the study consumed an average of 257 grams of carb, with the range going from a low of 103 grams to a high of 460 grams.

Dietary sugar and starch are counted as carb. But as I’ve said many times, carb is broken down into sugar by the digestive system and by the time carb enters the bloodstream it is in the form of sugar. So it would be more accurate to count dietary sugar and starch as sugar and speak about all carbs in terms of their sugar content.

257 grams of sugar seems like plenty of sugar to me.

Composition of Athlete's meals

Composition of Athlete’s meals


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